Elite Marketing Pro: Refunds and Quitters Day 5

Elite Marketing Pro provide tons of insight and I am loving the training. In this blog series we are breaking down Mike Dillard’s Business Model. This is the insider secrets on how Mike Dillard went from broke to 6-figures inside of a year. Using this model he catapulted to the top of his MLM and created the #1 selling system called Magnetic Sponsoring.

So a quick recap of what the past four days have been about:

Day 1 РLeadership РDiscover the 6 things you need to know about becoming a leader.  This may surprise you.

Day 2 – Sponsoring– 5 things they don’t tell you about sponsoring. Heck my upline never told me this. I really wish they had.

Day 3 – Making Money – So not what you think and shocking to even think this way.

Day 4 – Criticism and Negativity – Learn that this is a good thing and means that “You Have Arrived”.

Today we are talking about Refunds and Quitters. This video offers an interesting take on Mike Dillards and mine opinion on refunds and quitters.

Elite Marketing Pro – What is a refund and quitter?

5 Things to remember about Refunds and Quitters

  1. Refunds are part of business. The goal is to keep refunds under a certain percentage. What is this percentage? Below 5%-10%. How do you do this? Over deliver by adding value. 
  2. Educate them on why refunding is a bad idea. It is a bad idea because it is stealing. If you are buying something, you knew what you were buying. A lot of the time I buy information products. It would be stealing if I returned it after I got value out of it. There is always something you learn, no matter how small the nugget of information.  Ultimately the choice is theirs.
  3. Thank them and be polite about it. It is their choice and you have to respect that.
  4. Don’t be abused by scammers. If they buy products just to return them because they need the money, refuse to do business with them anymore. A lot of the time of you are using a shopping cart you can do this. Don’t let them take advantage of you.
  5. Let the quitters go. Your goal is to keep moving forward and you can’t let the quitters drag you down. It’s not your fault. You can’t drag people across the finish line. Be prepared to cut your losses, even if it is your family and friends.

The world isn’t perfect and these are just some guide lines. I have my own products out on the market and it is always my goal to over deliver so that I get fewer refunds.

I hope you got some value and insight from this blog and video. I am enjoying sharing with you the highlights of Mike Dillard’s Business Model. There is so much more to learn and I invite you to join me on this journey to mastering the world of marketing.

As a member of Elite Marketing Pro you have access to this training and so much more. Struggling with getting leads, learn about Magnetic Sponsoring. Don’t know what to say to get people to join you? Black Belt Recruiting will give you the best tools for recruiting and handling objections.

Take responsibility for you business. At some point you are going to have to invest in your education and the tools to be successful. I invite you to be part of my team and work with others to help you get as rich as you can. Elite Marketing Pro

If you got some value out of this blog share your comments down below. I am curious about your opinion on refunds and quitters. Share below in the comment section.

Stay tuned for tomorrow blog…. Elite Marketing Pro – Marketing

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