Elite Marketing Pro is About Leadership Day 1

Elite Marketing Pro is a membership program with access to the top training for network marketers looking to build their business online. The rules of the game have changed and if you are not keeping up your losing leads and money.

Today, Day 1, is about Leadership.

My first exposure to attraction marketing came from Magnetic Sponsoring. This is the name of the company and the course that is changing the lives of thousands of network marketers. A word of caution: this is not for everyone. This blog series is for those that are open to learning how to build their business online. If you enjoy struggling and losing money every month in your network marketing business please do not read any more and exit this blog post right now. I don’t want to waste any more of your time.

For those that have decided to stay and continue reading, this 9 day series is about building your business online. This may not be what you are learning from your upline and that could be hurting your business. What I am about to share with you is my mindset, my training, and what I am getting from being a member of Elite Marketing Pro.

I just went through “Mike Dillard Business Model”. In this training Mike covers 9 elements to building a successful network marketing business. The first element is about leadership. Welcome to day 1.

Elite Marketing Pro – Leadership

Here are the six key points that are discussed in Mike Dillard Business Model.

  1. Decide to be a leader. This is about mindset and the conviction to begin the journey in self development. Start investing and learning the language of a leader. Your words have tremendous power and you have to recognize what you are saying to yourself. Listen to yourself and the words you use. 
  2. Leading is a responsibility, but rewarding. Leading is about taking on responsibility for your own actions. It is an unshakable belief in yourself. Once you decided who you want to be, your life will begin to change. You will begin to attract people to you.
  3. Only Leaders Make Money. We see this every day. Those that lead a company are the top income earners. Those in network marketing that are leaders are the ones making the money. So decide on becoming a leader and the money will flow towards you.
  4. How to Become a Leader? – Teach someone. Once you begin investing in someone you become a leader. You are seen as having value. People are drawn to you.
  5. Don’t Take Responsibility for their Results. Even I have struggled with this. Whether your distributor succeeds or fails it is not your responsibility. If they do nothing with their business it is not a reflection on you. They are adults are responsible for their own actions. You are to continue to be a living example. Practice what you preach.
  6. Stand Up For Yourself, but be Humble. Celebrate your accomplishments but do not brag. Celebrate the accomplishments of your team more. Sing their praise when they get a new distributor or lead. Be excited for them.

It is easy to do nothing and complain that you are not getting results. I did for 5 years but the moment I decided to become the leader things began to change.

If you would like to join my Magnetic Mastermind team I urge you to get started with Elite Marketing Pro today. Leadership is about empowering yourself and it begins by becoming a member of Elite Marketing Pro. Are you ready to step up and become a leader and make money? If not now? When?

Day 2 is about learning how easy it is to sponsor distributors into your business. Elite Marketing Pro – Sponsoring

Yours in Gratitude,

Chef Katrina

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