Why I do what I do

I work with network marketing entrepreneurs who want to stop wasting time and money on products and services that aren't getting them results. Using simple and innovative systems, I show them how to become marketers and competent experts in their fields, who build generational wealth, develop personal branding, and create unique digital offerings transforming them into an influencer on a global scale that helps others step into their greatness.

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We all work better when we work together with the power of a proven Recipe:

Fork + Spoon = Living A Life You Love

As a solo entrepreneur you ALWAYS need to be nourishing yourself. Beyond this site is a buffet of training, courses, mentorship, and opportunities available for you. Learn how to choose the right one and not experience FOMO - the fear of missing out?

Welcome to Truth Bomb Marketing - The all in one solution to all your online marketing needs. 

My expertise

How to Become a Top Influencer

Authentic, Empowered, & Confident in all you do as you step into your leadership as a Top Earner.

Profitable Blogging

Earn As You Learn. How to make money even if people say no to your business opportunity. 

(unlock this little known secret)

Digital Product Recipes

Simple, yet bite size. Learn how to create snackable digital products that your ideal prospect will gobble up and pay you for.  


Always be building your list.

Simples funnels to prequalify your ideal team member so that you can build faster and become a TOP earner in your company.

Traffic, Leads, & Sales

Tactics are always changing. Discover what is working now with digital media prospecting. 

Don't get left behind

Networking Community

Truth Bomb Marketing provides the training and up to date education for the solo entrepreneur.

Be in business for yourself, not by yourself. 


Why I do what I do

I love when solo entrepreneurs win in their business. You are the foundation of the financial economy. You have the ability to change the world with your ideas and your products. 

Being in this industry is all about personal growth and development. You can't win unless you are willing to invest in yourself to learn the skills you need to build relationships. 

People do business with people they like know and trust. To be a top earner in any business you first have to feed yourself and then you have to serve others. My mission is to help you build your business by staying authentic to yourself. 

Things I love to talk about:

business Building

Learn the skills to build and own your business. Digital Media gives you an unfair advantage to grow and scale your business. Leverage automation to grow your team and help them succeed. 

Let's talk about how to structure your business to get the results that lead to endless leads and team building. 

Team Building & Culture

People over Profits. 

Learn my simple and proven system on how to support your first team members and customers. It's easy to create a culture that helps you build relationships faster allowing you to grow a team with ease. 

You & your finance Education

Building Your Financial Legacy.

As you make money, learn how to keep, invest, and grow your income so that you can leave a financial legacy. What good is being a six-figure earner if you don't have a plan on how to keep and grow that income even if something should happen to your company. 

Services I offer

Blog Training
Building Influence & Teams
Lead Magnet Creation
Pinterest Marketing
Law of Attraction Planner
Group Coaching
1 to 1 Coaching
Digital Course Creation
Wealth Building Skills
Laughter and Fun

Building a home business requires a holistic approach. For years we've been sold bits and pieces of how to market online. 

Ever feel like you have a ton of puzzle pieces yet have no idea of how it all goes together? Would you like to see the whole picture?

It's time you learned the truth behind digital media and how to leverage it to become a top earner in your business! 

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You have made me see things I couldn't see on my own. You are that guide that every network marketing entrepreneur needs to walk us through the digital land mines of online marketing.

Jody Difo


Your knowledge is so powerful and guides us in such a way that we actually succeed because you give us the tactical aspect and strategies to create a business that we love!

Raquel Davis

Entrepreneur & Copywriter

Growth is a journey, Give yourself permission to become the person you Want to Be. 
Greatness is already Inside of You... Let it out!

Chef Katrina

I only speak the truth...

It's time you heard the truth about what it takes to become a top earner in  your company. 

Download the truth bomb about marketing today! 



Chef Katrina

Marketing Disruptor that is dropping truth bombs about how to really build a home business post 2020. The truth is out there.

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