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Female Business Truths Revealed

What's really keeping women from becoming millionaires.

How women are adding back play, fun, and ease to reduce stress and feel empowered as they build their 7-figure business. Learn the tools that align with how WOMEN build a business. Add back these three simple ingredients.

Tools I Recommend

Your Wish Is Yours To Command

A Revolutionary Time Magic Method for Women In Business. Stop Managing Time and Start Creating Time! 


A Better A.I. for businesses. Create on-brand content whenever you work. The best A.I Tool for female Entrepreneurs.


Built for Creators, by Creators. Everything you need to be successful in building, operating, Scaling, & monetizing your online business

Finally! Chef Katrina pulls all the ingredients together and makes it simple to understand. For the first time I'm generating leads online and doing it without FB. 

Jen Jones

Entrepreneur & Network Marketer

Chef Katrina drops truth bombs that Top Earners won't share with you. My confidence has grown as a leader and I'm now creating my own lead magnets that are growing my business.

Heidi Albertson

Ready to Quit My Job & Entrepreneur

Hi there

I'm Chef Katrina

I work with female entrepreneurs who want to stop wasting time and money on products and services that aren't getting them results. 

Using simple and innovative systems, I show them how to become marketers and competent experts in their fields, who build generational wealth, develop personal branding, and create unique digital offerings transforming them into an influencer on a global scale that helps others step into their greatness.

From my blog

Business Plan vs. Marketing Plan

Do you know the difference between a business plan and a marketing plan? Which one will make you more money? 

The answer might surprise you...

New business Playbook for Women

The first ever proven role model for women in business. How to build a business while still being a women. 

Dump the old way and embrace a new business playbook

my proven Recipe

My Recipe is for you if:

You Want To Effortlessly Grow Your Business Without Chasing Clients
You Choose To Be Open To A More Holistic Approach To Your Business
Open To Learning Proven Marketing Skills To Generate Leads & Sales
You Want To Become A Leader In Your Niche And Build A Successful Business
Plan Your Play & Work Your Playbook

My Recipe is NOT for you if:

You Don't Want To Connect With Amazing People And Mentors
You want a get quick rich scheme
Don't Want To Put In The Work
Choose To Blame Everyone Else And NOT Take Responsibility For Your Life.
You Wish To Sit In The Stands And Watch Everyone Else Play Full Out! 

The things I love to teach

Female Business Plans
Building Teams & Culture
Lead Magnet Creation
Time Magic For Women
Your Wish Is Yours To Command
Automation Systems for Lead Generation
Digital Media Marketing
Wealth Building Skills
Growing Your Influence
Gratitude & Attitude

Building an online business requires a holistic approach for women. For years we've been sold bits and pieces of how to market online, but never the whole truth. 

Ever feel like you have a ton of puzzle pieces yet have no idea of how it all goes together? Would you like to see the whole picture?

It's time you learned the truth behind digital media and how to leverage it to become a millionaire with your business. 

Chef Katrina

Co-Founder and CEO of Truth Bomb Academy. Supporting more female on the journey of becoming millionaires with our simple & effective business playbook training, workshops, and mentorship. 

Leading the initiative in Female business education, training, and community!

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The Female Business: What Female's KNOW About Business That Men DON'T

How women are adding back play, fun, and ease to reduce stress and feel empowered as they build their 7-figure business. Learn the tools that align with how WOMEN build a business. Add back these three simple ingredients.


Truth Bomb Marketing

Get your hands on these closely guarded secrets that your upline doesn't want you to know. Discover how to build a massive list of laser-targeted prospects without having to cold message on FB or LinkedIn. The untold secrets to becoming a top earner and team builder in your home based business.