Elite Marketing Pro is About Marketing | Day 6

Elite Marketing Pro is all about the power of marketing and setting up you sales funnel. Success in any business begins with marketing.

As a network marketer I didn’t grasp attraction marketing the first time it was presented to me. I understood the value of provide education and resources but could wrap my head around how sellimg another product brought people into my company. But after being exposed to Elite Marketing Pro the pieces have all come together.

For the past 5 days we have been breaking down Mike Dillard’s Business Model. The exact model he used to build Magnetic Sponsoring and become the top recruiter for his MLM. So here is a quick recap.

Day 1 – Leadership – Discover the 6 things you need to know about becoming a leader.  This may surprise you.

Day 2 – Sponsoring– 5 things they don’t tell you about sponsoring. Heck my upline never told me this. I really wish they had.

Day 3 – Making Money – So not what you think and shocking to even think this way.

Day 4 – Criticism and Negativity – Learn that this is a good thing and means that “You Have Arrived”.

Day 5 – Refunds and Quitters – What is the approach you should take and understanding that this part of business.

For me day 6 is pulling it all together. Understanding HOW to market online is what will change your business forever. I know it did for me.

“Provide 10x more value than expected for the price” – Mike Dillard

Elite Marketing Pro – Master the Game of Attraction Marketing and Sales Funnel

When we get into marketing we have to remember 5 pieces of the puzzle.

  1. It’s NOT about you. It’s not even about what you want  or what you like. Your ultimate goal is to design your product, service, or marketing piece for your customer. You should always promote with the customer in mind. What are their pains and struggles. “No that bought a drill wanted a drill, they wanted to make a hole.”
  2. Be a value producer. Always strive to give 10x more in value than expected for the price. No one ever went out of business by exceeding expectations. (ponder that)
  3. Never lie or deceive. Creating success in marketing is all about transparency and authenticity. Answer the objections before they can be asked by a prospect. What do you want to be known for?
  4. You get what you ask for. Be careful when writing your ads. You will attract the kind of energy and people that match what you put out into the world. So if you are writing ads about scams and caution – you will attract those type of people and energy. Those that don’t want to work. But if you put out ads about truth and honesty they you will bring those types of people into your business.
  5. People WANT to buy. If you don’t give them the option to or ask for the sale they will go somewhere else. Be proactive about asking for the sale and then give them the option to buy more from you! (This is really powerful, re-read this point again)

In the world of marketing online you are either making the sale or not. There is not other option. So if you are driving traffic to your blog or site and not making any money, it is because you are not making the sell. You are not asking for them to buy something. Running ads is not the same as directing your reader in what to do.

If you aren’t a member of Elite Marketing Pro I urge to to become a member today. You are losing more money everyday that you are refusing to take action. Click Link

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Bonuses for Elite Marketing Pro Members

  • Elite Marketing Pro is the online marketing system that gives you the chance to earn 100% commissions on Magnetic Sponsoring Products. The most exciting thing about Elite Marketing Pro is not only are you getting immense value by being able to sell the products for 100% commission you now have extremely valuable products to offer to other people marketing online and to your team.
  • Elite Marketing Pro system is going to be marketing the system to your customers for you.
  • You drive traffic to the system and the pro marketers at Magnetic Sponsoring are going to work on closing your customers for you. They are going to be doing all kinds of marketing from direct mailings, to e-mail marketing and even placing phone calls to your customers. I have never seen a marketing system do this.
  • The back office teaches you step by step on how to do your own marketing to get the traffic into the system. It is great because when you join Elite Marketing Pro it helps you to eliminate the learning curve and get into profit fast.
  • You also have the opportunity to integrate an Aweber or GetResponse autoresponder account into your Magnetic Sponsoring capture pages, so you can build your own list within the Magnetic Sponsoring system. (The Money is in the list)
  • Co Brand yourself with Magnetic Sponsoring. You can personalize each copy of Magnetic Sponsoring, Building On A Budget, Black Belt Recruiting, and What’s Working Now, that you sell, with your personal information and links to your website. (This is where you would share you MLM info also)
  • There is a private Facebook group where a lot of valuable information in shared and you can learn from everyone using Elite Marketing Pro. You can try out Elite Marketing Pro Right now for just $10.

There is so much value to be found in this system. It is crazy that they are giving it all way for $10. This is where you get a 10 day trial of everything mentioned above.

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Looking forward to seeing you inside Elite Marketing Pro!  Welcome to the team. **As my personal bonus you will have access to my mastermind group and 1 – 30 minute personal coaching session with me to help answer any questions you have.**

On Day 7 we talk about embracing our competition and learn more about coopetition.

    17 replies to "Elite Marketing Pro is About Marketing | Day 6"

    • Meire Weishaupt

      Thanks for letting us know about this marketing opportunity, and for sharing these great tips.

      • Katrina

        My pleasure. I learned a lot from this series and now I am sharing that with my friends!

    • Lorii Abela

      “Success in any business begins with marketing”. Informative series post Chref Katrina. How could these marketing schemes be applied to selling in blogs?

      • Katrina

        Marketing is all about mindset and learning how to present your offer to the customer. What is the customer really looking for. It’s not about what we want for them, but about finding out how we can provide value. Learn how to automate your sales for your products. Discover what people are looking for and provide the solution. Marketing is about engaging the emotion. That is what I am learning from elite marketing pro. Provide an irresistible offer.

    • Great series and great points Katrina! Really is NOT about you…

    • Marie Leslie

      This looks like simple steps to success for network marketers–and there is so much here that can definitely lead to success for other types of businesses as well. You do an excellent job of breaking it down into easy-to-follow and implement steps for anyone who needs to improve their marketing.

      • Katrina

        It is a invaluable tool for anyone that in marketing anything online. The ultimate sales funnel is work the the price of being an Elite Marketing Pro member. This is pure gold and I wish I had just read it sooner. Better late then never!

    • Carla J Gardiner

      I really enjoy these articles Katrina. The step by step system is how I wish I had built my business many years ago. Well, they say hindsight is 20/20…let’s look forward, educate people about attraction marketing and save them the grief while earning money, what do you say? lol

      • Katrina

        I’m all in! Thank you Carla for you great insight. I sat on this information for way too long. I had it in my back office for years and did not even know what I had. Now I just share! 🙂

    • Dawn Lanier

      Really liked the ‘5 pieces to the puzzle’ when it comes to marketing and sales. Thanks for the valuable tips!

      • Katrina

        Hi Dawn, I made so many of these mistakes that I am now sharing what I am learning! thank you for commenting!

    • Great information Katrina. How would this type of service help my blog? I need more people who are willing to buy the products that I am selling.

      • Katrina

        They do have a course called the ultimate sales funnel. This is a step by step guide to building your site to make a profit. Really powerful information. We also talked about the money is in building your list. So here is a link that will teach you how to build your list and start making some money with your blog. Ultimate List Building

    • Debra Kasowski

      Attraction marketing is so key. Value driven leadership and making it about others is what sets the successful and not so successful apart.

      • Katrina

        Have to agree, when we give value and over deliver we are sending out good karma into the world. Thank you for commenting.

    • Sabrina Espinal

      Very detailed and interesting.

      • Katrina

        Thank you Sabrina for commenting! Hope you have an amazing day!

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