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The old-fashioned methods of pounding the phones, cold messaging on FB, holding meetings, and pitching your business to leads, and trying to turn your family and friends into business partners have come to an end.

In yesterday’s post, we talked about how to recruit new distributors without hard selling.

This was a mind-blowing blog post for many of you. My email box exploded with comments from my readers telling me that they loved what I wrote about.

Today we are tackling one of the 3 points I ended the blog post with. Today we are talking about how to get invited into your prospect’s world.

The Invitation

Prospecting for business as you’ve known it has become obsolete. It’s an irrelevant, old-school sales technology that is used by individuals that have yet to be exposed to the attraction marketing method.

Stop for a moment. What social environment changes have taken place that makes this world that we live in so different? I mentioned a few yesterdays.

Today, people are DROWNING under a flood of information. Too many choices of what to do when you get online to build your business. Endless options that are overwhelming people.

Heck, even the big companies have joined in the game by following us around on the internet when we search for products or services. Tooting their horn that they are the best.

People have been forced to build up defenses against the on-slaughter of people and companies trying to reach into their wallets and suck every last dollar they have!

We have learned to look past the hype and the big promises. Because we just don’t believe them anymore. The internet has made it way too easy for your prospect to search out and find the truth.

Yet… the internet has created an entirely new world of opportunity for everyone, where we can literally reinvent your life, and turn a simple thought into a business for little or no money.

Did you know that 95% of those who start a home business will fail… and the primary reason for the failure is that they didn’t acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in today’s competitive marketplace.

Getting Into Your Prospects World

Position yourself in the marketplace in a manner that allows interested prospects to find you, and contact you.

This is called “attraction marketing” which is at the heart of Truth Bomb Marketing.

Who finds and contacts the other person first is very important. With attraction marketing, the prospect is chasing you, which means you are perceived as the expert and hold all the power and value in that situation.

The prospect invited you into his world and is basically asking you to sell him/her your goods or services. You get to instantly bypass all the barriers and walls that must be broken down by everyone else, and all of a sudden this isn’t about selling anymore.

You are now in the position of the experience and knowledgeable person that has been sought out and pursued.

There is a level of implied trust already present. At this point sponsoring becomes effortless.

This is where you want to be if you want to succeed in the world of network marketing today. You have to learn how to get invited into your prospect’s world.

How do you do this?

You want to market YOU.

How do you do this?

Offer personal VALUE to your prospect above and beyond your opportunity.

The best way to increase your value to other people is to educate yourself.

Become the expert in sponsoring prospects. Become the expert in attraction marketing, Become the expert in one social media platform. Become the expert in solving the problem.

There is no magic here. Just sign up for Truth Bomb Marketing, apply what you learn, and you will automatically acquire massive amounts of value to your prospects who don’t know you yet.

No value… No invitation.

If you are struggling to sponsor people into your network marketing business it is because you don’t have any real value to offer them. Change that.

Yesterday we talked about how to recruit without hard-selling, today is about the invitation, and tomorrow is about How To Attract NWM Prospects To You.

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What has been your biggest struggle with recruiting? Comment and share below.

Yours in Gratitude,

Chef Katrina

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    11 replies to "Get Invited Into Your Prospect World"

    • Heidi Albertson

      Excellent post. Attraction marketing is amazing. When people ask you for more information or better yet book on your calendar because they got value from content I put out is awesome!!

      • Katrina

        When people you don’t know connect with you, it means you are on the right path. Keep giving value and helping others. Your training is amazing.


      Great post. I will look at the others and read. Thank you for this value of attraction marketing.

      • Katrina

        Thanks Deb. Looking forward to your comments on the other posts!

    • Isabel Murillo Mendoza

      I love love love this blog! The truth bomb of people banging their heads against the wall with outdated online business tactics is spot on. A majority of NWM companies still haven’t wrapped their heads around this and that is why we need to be educated. Thank you for leading the way Chef!

      • Katrina

        While you and I have been learning this for years… it is still so new for so many because nwm is a revolving door of people joining and leaving. If more people knew how to get invited into a prospects world, the industry would grow and prosper for all. 🙂

    • Jaye Carden

      Getting into your prospects world is a big way to make your prospect “connect” with you. I agree the old way of hype and “we are the best” is not the right approach anymore. Good content on prospecting for sure!

      • Katrina

        Hey Jaye, I think the more honest and open we become about marketing and what it takes to successfully run a home business, the more quality prospects we attract.

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