Pinterest BusinessCurious to learn how to use Pinterest for Business?

About 3 years ago I got curious about Pinterest. Originally it started off as a pinners platform. Heavy engagement with women and few men. The concept was to be able to pin ideas that you discovered around the web onto an idea’s board.

Think of it like board planning. You want to go on vacation and you are researching the information. you want to save it all in one place, create a Pinterest board and now everything you need from all the research you have done around the internet is now all in one place. No more printing out pages of info. Everything in one glance!

The idea caught on pretty fast and people started curating content from all over the internet.

Today it is the 4th largest traffic source for website business. It’s an incredibly powerful tool for building your business.

Pinterest is smart… It likes fresh content and only content people can use get repinned. It’s a brilliant marketing platform for ANY business. You just got to know how to use it.

This is where I come in…

How To Use Pinterest For Business

It begins with the simple step of setting up your Pinterest Business account. I just recently wrote an article on this that you can reference on how to do this.

From there you have about two options… more, and I won’t be getting into that just yet.

To be straight with you Pinterest is most valuable to you as a business if you have your own website/blog. It’s one of the elements of Pinterest for Business that can really make all the difference.

Owning your own site has quite a few advantages that you won’t have as an affiliate of a product you are promoting.

Having your own site allows you to create Rich Pins, Meta Tags, Pixel Tracking, and so much more. Each of these adds value to your business on the Pinterest platform.

I will be sharing more about these elements in future posts. Each element could be it’s own blog post with more explanation and how to implement.

If you don’t have your own site/blog you can still do amazing business as an affiliate on Pinterest. Trust me, I know, that is what I did in the beginning. 🙂

Back to the topic at hand… Pinterest for business is best used for your own products or services and affiliate or direct sales products.

  • Products – Pinterest loves showcasing new products. One of the big draws of the Pinterest platform is discovering new products and services. To have a board created correctly with the right product or service on it, can get you a boatload of traffic to your site. Shopify peeps really like this element.
  • Affiliate Marketing – There are some incredible affiliate programs out there. From Amazon to Elite Marketing Pro… there isn’t a shortage of opportunity to make money while recommending a product or training.
  • Direct Sales/Network Marketing – This industry can thrive on Pinterest for business IF done correctly. Again, the opportunity for your product to be found and the ability to build your team can all come from doing business on Pinterest.

To use Pinterest effectively you have to understand how to set up your boards and create the purpose of the board so that they aligned with the overall brand of your business. This is where I see most people make the biggest mistakes. And to be honest, I’ve made many mistakes on the Pinterest platform. It’s what has me sharing my knowledge of Pinterest with you today. I want you to avoid making my mistakes and shorten your learning curve. You okay with that?

Thought so. 🙂

Pinterest for Business Board Creation

One of the first things you will do with your Pinterest Business account is set up your board to host your pins.

All you have to do is click the ‘Create Board’ on your account and follow along.

Pinterest Business Board Create

After you click on the ‘create board’ … You are going to name your board. This should be a broad idea or topic in which a portion of your pins or ideas will fall under.

Example: Home Business Ideas, Facebook Marketing, Pinterest Marketing, Star Wars Collection, Home Office, etc.

I think you get the idea. Time to name your board!

How To Create A Board on Pinterest

Now that the Pinterest board is created and named the next thing you want to do is some additional editing.

Click the edit icon on your board. It looks like a pencil.

Edit Pinterest Board

Once you click the edit icon you will see five areas that you can edit on your boards.

The top three areas of your board are really important for indexing and getting found on the Pinterest platform.

Edit Pinterest Business Boad

You want to use your big idea and keywords in both the name and description of your board. Next, choose your category.

  1. Name: If you are not in love with your board name or want to come back and change it, you can. You can change board names as often as you like.
  2. Description: Be crystal clear on the intent of this board. Let your followers know what’s in it for them to follow this board and awesome content to come.
  3. Category: This is a tool Pinterest uses to help them expose your brand or board to the audience that is looking for you. Make sure you choose the best category for your board and future pins. Don’t overlook this step. It really helps you get found on Pinterest.
  4. Secret: This feature I have seen and used in many different ways. Great for team training for my network marketers. If you want to create a board and don’t want your followers to know about it. I also use these types of secret boards for content curation for automation. (more details about this in my training Pinning Ingredients)
  5. Collaborators: This is an amazing feature and you have to make sure the board is created with the intent for others to post their pins on this board. I’ve used this type of board for web designers. I share with them ideas and designs that I like. I use it for visual graphics types that I want to be created. It is a great tool for letting the creative juices flow. I’ve also seen this used for teams, bloggers, affiliates, and so much more. Once you understand the power of collaborators a whole new world of Pinterest opens up.

The biggest benefit to editing your board is the board name, description, and category. If nothing else, these three fields of this form need to be complete.

The ‘secret’ & ‘collaborator’ tool are added features that you don’t have to do anything with if you are just getting started. They may become a more advanced feature you will add to some of your boards in the future.

Did you find this helpful?

If so, I would like to invite you to share this with your friends and fans. It would mean the world to me.

Also, if you would like to learn more about how to use Pinterest to grow your business, I invite you to get your hands on my Pinterest training, Pinning Ingredients. Everything from start to profit on how to use Pinterest to build your business.

Yours in Gratitude,

Chef Katrina van Oudheusden

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