create Pinterest business accountToday I am going to show you how to create Pinterest Business Account.

It’s easy and something every business should have if you want to increase the awareness of your brand and increase sales.

While everyone one seems to be focused on Facebook marketing they are missing the boat on a new kid in town that is learning from its elders. It’s refining what Facebook and Google have been doing and taking it to the next level. Making it the new inventive leader for how marketing will be in the future.

I can’t stop talking about the simple Pinning Ingredients you need to Building your business with Pinterest. What if you could double your web traffic is a single pin. Would it be worth it to play on this platform?

Now you might be saying to yourself, I didn’t know that Pinterest had a business account.

I had the same thought when I first heard about Pinterest. Let me share a little backstory with you about Pinterest.

The Start of Pinterest and Pinterest Business Accounts

Pinterest started off as a closed site, meaning that the only way to access Pinterest was to get invited. I remember coming in on the tail end of this era.

I was in a Pinterest group, basically begging to get access to this platform. Everyone was handing out their email address, praying someone would see it and add them to the platform.

If I was a marketer with zero ethics… it would have been a great place to skim emails and add them to my list.

Luckily I have ethics and believe in transparent marketing. (Guess that is why you are following me, huh.)

As luck would also have it, I didn’t have to get invited, the ability to just create your Pinterest account was developed.

Pinterest launched as a user only platform similar to Facebook in the beginning. There was no way to advertise. It was just consumer based.

In October of 2012, Pinterest launched Business Accounts allowing business to either convert their existing personal account into a business account or start from scratch.

In 2014, Pinterest generated its first revenue, when it began charging advertisers to promote their wares to the site’s millions of hobbyist, vacation planners, and do-it-yourselfers.

Now why and I sharing this with you? Because understanding that Pinterest Business Accounts are still new is something to get excited about.

Create a Pinterest Business Account

As I shared with you above Pinterest Business Accounts have only been around since 2012. Making them fairly new and Pinterest is still learning and creating policies around the business account.

Even more exciting is the fact that promoted pins have been around for less than four years at the time of this post. Meaning that Pinterest is learned with the business owners and more willing to work with you on creating your promoted pins. There is something magical happening on this site right now, that if you have a business you want to be here!

Here are the simple steps to create a Pinterest Business Account for your business.

oh and before I show you how… IF you have a personal Pinterest account that you started because of business, you can change it into a business account. 🙂

Step 1. Go to Pinterest Business to setup your account.

Step 2. Click on Join as a Business


Step 3. Create your Pinterest Business Account – note the drop down box where you are going to pick your category for your business.


Step 4. After you create our business account you will have elements of your setup to create.

Element 1. The language and country – Choose the one that is best for you and your business.


Element 2. Add your website – Follow Directions or do it later. This actually a key element of the Pinterest platform.


Element 3: Choose your categories for your business. Think both from your business and your customer.


Now that you have learned how to create Pinterest Business Account, you are just getting a glimpse for what is possible for this platform.

Last week I wrote a post on how to create your boards which is the next step in building out your Pinterest account.

Pinterest Business in Action

It’s all fine and dandy to get your Pinterest Business account created AND would you like to know how to really maximize Pinterest for your business. How to get more traffic to your website, more red hot leads ready to buy, and even the surprising results that one pin can do for your business?

I’ve put together a very special webinar, giving away my biggest secrets for how to use Pinterest to build and grow your business.

Don’t delay… Get access now to my Pinning Ingredients for business builders!

Inside this training, I reveal the three ingredients that every Pinterest Business should be using if they want to see results with Pinterest.

Look forward to seeing you on this training!


If you got value from this post, please share the love and knowledge. Thanks!

Yours in Gratitude,

Chef Katrina

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