There, I’ve said it. Facebook Groups are destroying your business and community.

I’m curious, do you have a group on Facebook that you created for your business or opportunity? If so, comment at the end of the post, and feel free to share your link.

By the end of this post, you might be asking yourself if it is worth it to be building your group on Facebook. Does it serve you or is it tying your hands behind your back?

For the last 6 months, I’ve been deleting all my groups from Facebook. I’m honestly tired of the censorship and competing against the ads, notifications, and overall restrictions that are placed on my community.

Hell, I can’t even post a link in my own community without violating some cyber security bot.

To be honest, from a corporate standpoint I get why they do what they do… from an entrepreneur standpoint it sucks. 💣

The Censorship Problem

Back in 2020 the censorship really started rearing its ugly face on Facebook. With the pandemic and emotions running high — plus all the fake news — it was getting out of control. We started having an Opinion Forum instead of conversations.

Then we really started seeing Facebook group censorship…

Censorship Brought to Light

What are relevant comments? Who decides?

There have been many times that Facebook hid comments that I had to dig for!

This is my community, why are comments hidden in the first place?

Oh wait… this isn’t my community… it’s Facebook and they are letting me use their system to build my community so that they can gain access to the information and market ads to them. (my bad)

Control the Comments (non-censorship)

But of course, you have control over the comments, right?

As you can see… you can control comments that you see, but even then some of them get buried. How are you to engage with your community if comments are buried? Your time is valuable and creating a happy engaged community shouldn’t be difficult or time-consuming.

Admin Censorship Problem

Yup… even the creator or admin of the community can be censored. UGH!

So if your community asks for a link or content that is not aligned with Facebook’s community guidelines… Well, you as the admin can get your entire community in trouble.

Of course, you can disagree with the decision. When you do that, you’ll get a notice that a human has to review it, and right now they are a bit short-staffed due to covid. Bummer…

You’ve seen the evidence… now what?

How To Take Back Your Community

Honestly, we got lazy as marketers and community builders. Facebook has one of the largest platforms for people, so we thought, “Let’s take advantage of that!”

The crazy thing is… owning your own website actually gives you the ability to create a community with comments and engagement. It can be built into almost any website and there are some WP themes that are built for marketers by marketers. One of my favorite WP Themes is OptimizPress3.0

Why not write posts, content, videos, and surveys that engage your audience on your own digital marketing system. Shouldn’t you control what your community sees and how they want to engage with you?

I recently did a post about my Social Media prediction for 2023 as I point to some very significant changes that are coming and going to impact all businesses. Your community needs to be off Facebook sooner rather than later.

Give them a reason to really follow you on your digital media website. Create content and engagement there. It’s super easy to do. Heck, I can show you how to write SEO ranking content in under 10 minutes! My students love this strategy because no one is teaching it but me. 😎

The other element that will be coming back and is back with full force… email marketing. Are you building your email list? Are you generating leads every day?

Blogging Automation System for Your Community and Business

For the last 20 years, we’ve all been focused on Social media marketing. It has consumed us and even created burnout for many of us. This is why I’m excited to see Search Marketing and SEO make a comeback.

For many, this is going to be a HUGE learning curve. Creating and understanding how your website and automated marketing system work can be scary.

What if I told you that I got your back? This means I can show you step by step how to build your website and even remove the technology fears. I’ve been doing this for over 15 years and I love breaking down the technical and showing you the power of owning your own marketing funnel.

I’ve built Blogging Ingredients just for you.

This is your chance to understand, implement, and create your digital empire. You’ve got what it takes to be found on the internet. You just needed me to show you the way.

Don’t get left behind as we enter into a new age of digital media. Stop being censored and let your true, authentic you show through. It’s time to close the door on Facebook and build your community without distractions or censorship.

All it takes are 3 simple steps.

  • Own your website
  • Serve your community
  • Create products and services they ask for

If you got value from today’s post, comment below. I would love to hear your thoughts.

Yours in Gratitude,

Chef Katrina

Founder of Truth Bomb Marketing