Empires fall, new technology emerges, and here is my social media prediction for 2023.

Okay, Okay… why the heck am I talking 2023 when we are still in 2022 and just get started?

It’s because marketing doesn’t standstill. It keeps moving and evolving every single day. Courses I’ve created around traffic strategies like FB, Pinterest, and YouTube are dead and over. The writing is already on the wall and I’m telling you, I’m the very first to be talking about it.

You can choose to believe or stand on the sidelines and wait for it to happen because what I’m about to share with you is already here.

Welcome to the next generation of social media marketing. It’s gonna require that you have a pair of Virtual Goggles, currently called Oculus. They will run you about $300 to $600 for the bundle.

Why are you gonna need these? Well, if you haven’t seen “Ready Player One”, I highly suggest watching it very, very soon.

The Future of Social Media

The future’s so bright… I gotta wear shades! (sing it if you know it)

There are two key factors when it comes to why I’m sharing this prediction with you.

  1. Virtual Real Estate
  2. Cryptocurrency

Both are booming right now which is a key ingredient that what we THINK now about marketing is about to make a tremendous pivot. In this video, I share why this is SUPER important.

When there are millions of dollars pouring into the virtual real estate world, it’s something to pay attention to. Here are a few articles of interest about the Virtual Real Estate Boom that is happening right now.

You might laugh and think, Why would you buy virtual real estate? I’m telling you, things are going to change and the transfer of wealth is underway. It’s already happening.

On to the next critical ingredient… cryptocurrency.

Like you, I thought it was all a joke back in 2012. It’s taken about 10 years and worldwide pandemics to force Cryptocurrency out into the limelight. At the time of writing this post, Russia has invaded Ukraine. The cost of goods keeps increasing, and trust in our governments is decreasing.

Wouldn’t you like more control over your income and profits? Welcome to Crypto.

Recommended Crypto Education

There are a lot of crypto and forex training programs out there. Every day I have at least one crypto and/or NFT (Non-fungible Token) course or training land in my email inbox. They range in price from $1000 – $5000 for a few months of education, showing you only one strategy.

I went with Tradeknology for because of two simple reasons

Only $129/month for Primary Membership. Only $249/month for VIP Membership. The low cost of entry was very enticing. I joined back in May of last year and it’s paid me back my investment with the knowledge and access to training that I have. Meaning I’ve made back my money in learning to trade Forex and with my early investments into cryptocurrency.

Trust, Ethics, Purpose. Tradeknology is about making you an independent trader and independent crypto investor. They are your mentors and live training experts that guide you on how to know your risk management. There are going to be a lot of opportunities this year to ‘get in early‘ on a lot of NFTs, projects, investments, and more. Knowing that you have a safe place to ask questions and people who care makes all the difference in the world.

I’ve aligned myself with an educational company that puts people first. Your education is key and having access to live training plus my own personal inner mastermind called Bacon MOB, you have plenty of support and entrepreneurs that are learning together.

Why Bacon M.O.B?

Because we bring home the bacon of course! We choose to improve our Mindset, look for Opportunities, and follow a simple yet proven Blueprint for creating generational wealth.

We are an individual just like you that want more for ourselves and our families.

This leads to my prediction for social media.

Social Media in 2023 Prediction

You have to understand, that we are about to enter into a new virtual world, where social won’t be two-dimensional anymore. We aren’t going to meet on FB, Instagram, or YouTube… we are going to walk into a virtual world and meet at the comedy club, the bar, each other’s house, and stroll around Grand Station. It’s going to be different social marketing.

Welcome to web 3.0. A virtual world where your brand is your avatar. How you dress, what real estate you own, and the ability to send people to your website to buy products and services. It’s all here already.

Here are some Metaverse Stats for 2022 so far.

Owning your own digital real estate should be your number one priority this year. What does this mean?

Get your website built and start creating content ASAP!

I knew this change in social media was coming so I overhauled my entire “Blogging Ingredients” course to include marketing automation, lead generation tools, done for you lead magnets, and so much more.

My purpose is to position you for what’s coming next while still presenting what your ideal customer is wanting right now. It’s about setting you up without breaking the bank.

Social media won’t be typing a post on a site… it will be positioning yourself as one of the leaders and experts inside the virtual world. Your customer is already there in virtual reality, waiting for you… do you have a website to send them to buy from YOU?

Don’t miss this boat, get started creating ‘You, Inc’ today.

When you purchase Blogging Ingredients, I’ll personally walk you through the first 30 days via email on how to go through the course and what you should be doing every day to build your digital empire. Plus get access to my private blogging mastermind where I host live office hours so you can ask questions and get clarity around building your website.

It’s time! Let’s do this and together walk into a virtual world that will be part of your financial future.

Yours in Gratitude,

Chef Katrina

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      this is awesome information about the trading world
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      • Katrina

        Hey Baxter, you know me! Always make sure that you have all the tools needed to build your business to the next level. Congratulations again on becoming a certified coach!

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