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Not for the faint of heart and loved by those that can handle hearing the truth about digital marketing

Daily Training Monday - Friday about real shit that solo entrepreneurs and small business owners need to know in this fast pace, ever changing world of digital marketing
Ask The Experts - It's freaking included. No extra cost, have the ability to ask the experts during their one hour open office hour. 
On-Demand Training Library - Stop watching outdated training! When you subscribe to Truth Bomb Marketing, we keep you up to date and in the know! 

Chef Katrina

Founder of Truth Bomb Marketing
Chef Katrina

What You Get Access To...

The only training and community OFF social media that Doesn't Sugar Coat What It Really Takes to Build a Business with Digital Media Marketing

Member Only Access

No Trolls, No Ads, & No B.S. to deal with. This community is for you and built off your recommendations and needs as an entrepreneur.

OnDemand Training

Access training that is up to date and relevant to business and digital marketing right now.

Ask The Experts

Get your questions answered when our experts host their free, open office hour. It's included!

Member Exclusives

Interviews, prizes, drawings, and a welcome package for joining Truth Bomb Marketing. 


Declare your weekly goals and then have the accountability to realize what you are building each week with accountability.

Special Offers

For being a member, you will get the best deals and offers for products and services to grow and scale your business online.

Cut's Through The B.S. and Gives Real, Relevant Training Within An Amazing Community of Entrepreneurs!

Laura Armstrong - Gold Medal Leadership

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Over $7,000+ in training and community access

Weekly Live Training & Reviews
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OnDemand Training Library
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Weekly Accountability
Checklists, Cheat Sheets, PDF's
Discounts on Tools & Products Needed to build and scale your business.
Private Access, no trolls, spam, ads, or distractions. You control what you see and get notified about.
Wealth Building secrets & Training
Privacy Protected. Won't Sell Your Information. 
Fun, play, food fights (with emoji's), friendships, community, Accountability, Support, and a safe place to be you.

"Having access to the Truth Bomb Marketing community has been invaluable. I'm learning how to leverage digital media the right way and having fun doing it! Truth Bomb Marketing is a must for any entrepreneurs wanting to stay relevant and authentic in their online digital marketing."

Sarah Lawyer

Founder of Mompreneur Initiative

Here Are Your Questions Answered

Do I have to Pay To Get Access?


Yes, This isn't for the faint of heart entrepreneur. This is for the entrepreneur that know that training and information that is going to move a business forward is not free. 

You can either pay the $99.99/monthly


Take advantage of paying for the 599.99/year and save 50% off your membership. (Lock in this special offer)

100% Off Social Media - Private

Is This Group on Facebook?

With the mistrust of social media giants -- Chef Katrina no longer wanted her playground on a platforms that cares so little for people.

Creating the Truth Bomb Marketing gives us all the freedom to connect and build community without the privacy invasion, algorithms, and bombardment of ads. 

What is Digital Marketing

Okay... so

Anything that has your business leveraging the internet. 

You know... things like

- Website

- Email Autoresponder

- Social Media

- Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

- Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

- Blog/Podcast/Vlog

- Meta Verse (Web3.0)

Who Is Chef Katrina?

I'm following...

I am the Founder and CEO of Truth Bomb Marketing and Marketing Ingredients. 

As a marketing disruptor I'm out to challenge the traditional approach to marketing and make it fun and playful!

Former Chef at Walt Disney World, hence the Chef Katrina. I've consulted with small business owners, founded community project for entrepreneurs, and owned my own restaurant. 

Former Director of Client Experience for Elite Marketing Pro. As well as skilled in community and affiliate management.

Over 8 years of experience creating courses, building coaching programs, and mentored ten of thousands of entrepreneurs. 

My passion is supporting entrepreneurs to building a six figure income and beyond. 

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