Eliminate the Clutter in Your Home Based Business

home based businessDo you ever feel overwhelmed and annoyed by all the “help” that is available to you to build your home based business?

I know I did when I first got into online marketing. I was starting to chase everything that was presented to me as a lead generation system. Everyone promised the next best thing and “you don’t want to miss out”.

I began to lose focus about my real intent with my business. What was it that I wanted from my business? More money, car, travel, fire my boss, or even change lives.

It has only been in the last 6 months that I figured out HOW I wanted to use online marketing to build my business. I have to learned to start saying “No” to all the extra hype and focus in on what was helping me build my home based business.

What one marketing strategy do you want to master? Once you master this strategy for lead generation, only then can you add another strategy.

The Joke in the Office

Most of you know that I still work in the kitchen as a part time Sous Chef.

There are many distractions in a kitchen. Your focus can never be on one thing because then you lose sight of everything. Being raised in this type of environment makes it hard not to carry over this same thinking into network marketing.

Have you seen the Disney movie UP? There is one scene where the dog is talking to the little boy and all of a sudden his attention is distracted, “Squirrel”. And the dog whips his head around to see the squirrel and completely forgets what he was saying to the boy.

Sometime I feel that way about all the different ways to market a home based business. With all the social media sites to choose from you can spread yourself pretty thin trying to keep on top of all of them. I have been know to chase a squirrel or two and only stop when I run out of energy.

Sometimes you have to just say no and stay focused on what it is you want. Start being consistent in your message and branding. Show others the simplicity of what you do to build your business.

Your customers/business builders demand simplicity, and the simplicity requires that you eliminate anything that clutters the experience.  Say “no” more often that “yes”.

Keep It Simple *

So I learned to keep it simple. If you are anything like me, it is easier to follow directions when they are simple. I like to walk into an uncluttered home and enjoy when things are organized. It just makes it easier to find and do what I need to do.

So simplify your online marketing approach. I still believe that you need to own your own real-estate online by having your own website. You need to be able to control what you want to put on your site. Your only restrictions are the ones you give yourself.

There is always a chance that you could get blocked or banned from a site because of a simple error in marketing on your part. Why lose all the time, money, effort, and leads because of some policy on the free blogging platform you are using.

This is why I teach how simple it is to set up your own website with wordpress. Just sign up for my Blogging Ingredients Course to learn how to create your own personal blog. Within this series you will also learn how to make social media work for you by driving traffic to your site.

Lesson From Steve Jobs

“Don’t spread yourself too thin. Find the career [home based business] that intersects your passion, skill, and the ability to make money doing it. Once you find it, focus on it, work at it, and dedicate yourself to excellence in that area. Say “no” to anything else that will distract you from pursuing that career [business]. If you are looking for work or frustrated with your current job, there will be plenty of friends, families, and colleagues who offer unsolicited advice on what’s best for you. Filter out the ideas that might derail you from the career [business] that best matches your strengths and passion. When you find it, pursue it with a single-minded sense of purpose.”

When you find it, pursue it with a single-minded sense of purpose — this just hits home for me. Share you thoughts on this quote by commenting below.

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Yours in Gratitude,

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