Are You Engaging Your Leaders? Customers? Prospects? for Your Home Based Business

home based business When I first got started in my chosen MLM I had an upline and still do.

What I didn’t have was a team of marketing experts.

My upline is amazing. They have been with my company for over 20 years and have built an incredible business.

Unfortunately for me they are a bit old school. Talk to people, bring them to the meeting, let us do the marketing for you.

This does work but I hate chasing people down and beating them over the head with my “Amazing” opportunity.

Creating the Home Based Business Experience

Old School Way

Make a list of 100 people and tell them you need to meet with them. Then don’t tell them what the meeting is about, and surprise them with your amazing opportunity! YES!…. ah NO!!!!!! (this doesn’t always work and I really dislike this tactic)

I am having lunch with a friend and then all of a sudden the laptop comes out and I am subjected to a 30-45 minute presentation that I really didn’t want to see. Now I no longer want to have lunch and there is a slim to no chance that I will have lunch with this friend again.

New School Way!

I have a really cool marketing system that I use that will show you how to NOT make a list of your 100 closest family and friends.

You will be part of a team that supports each other in growing your business through the concept of attraction marketing.

Learn how to market yourself and then your opportunity. My team will show you how to lead with value.

We love to hang out and have a good time as we build our business.

What would it do for your business if you had 5 people calling you everyday asking to join your opportunity?

Enriching Lives

So my take away is that we need to focus more on helping our downline build a business. Take the opportunity to create more meaningful relationships with your downline. Look for ideas on how to stand out from your competitors. Above all have some fun.

“Passion is contagious. If your upline is not having fun, your downline will not be, either.”

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