Most Home Based Business Owners Need to Breakthrough

Tim Erway and Chef KatrinaI had a great conversation with Tim Erway when we met at Pro Marketing Academy. I told him that I was struggling with my blog and the direction that I wanted to go. I wanted to be able to help others understand attraction marketing, affiliate marketing and create recipes for my home based business products.

Needless to say my blog was a mess. I felt on the edge of something but just didn’t know the direction I needed to fall.

Then Tim said something to me, “Why are you creating a product for something that already exists. It’s it up to your company to provide the recipes? What are you doing that is generating new leads?”

Later in our conversation Tim also asks, “Why are you so focused on the product? Why are you not promoting the opportunity? Where is your sales funnel?”

BAM! It was like a light bulb flashed on. I had a breakthrough… Thanks Tim.

My Home Based Business Breakthrough

So I went home that night and started brain storming. I stopped listening to the people around me and started focusing on what I wanted my home based business to look like. Who did I want on my team and what were my expectations.

I realized that by creating recipes for my company I was only connecting with those that were already distributors. I wasn’t getting any new leads. I wasn’t building my business using this method.

I realized that I have two very different passions when it comes to network marketing.

  1. I love teaching attraction marketing to build a home based business
  2. I love teaching people how to eat better

I realized that I needed to create two separate blogs and marketing strategies.  (not recommended for those just starting out)

In order to teach attraction marketing I had to have a blog that allowed me to teach that. So I created, The Chef Katrina blog. This is where I share marketing techniques and attraction marketing training. This is my voice for teaching online marketing to network marketers.

My goal is to enable all network marketers to be successful in their company. Teaching marketing styles that can be used in any business.

Then my other blog, allows me to still be creative with recipes. I can still inspire healthy living.


Sell Dreams, Not Products

home based business For those of us in network marketing we tend to get wrapped up in the product that our company sells. We tend to push aside the dream of a better future but this is what brings most of us into network marketing.

I think this is the perfect quote for home based business owner.

“[I think the people that get into network marketing think differently.] They are the creative spirits of the world. They are the people who are not out to get a job done; they are out to change the world.” Partial quote by Steve Jobs

Most of us in network marketing want to change the world. We want people to have better lives that include financial freedom, family, and philanthropy.

So what are you doing to get more customers and/or more leads? Are you selling the dream? Are you selling what life would be like if they bought or used your product?

“Nobody cares about your company or product. They care about themselves, their dreams, and their goals. Help them achieve their aspirations, and you will win them over.” Steve Jobs

Most people don’t know what they need or want in a home based business. It is up to you to create the dream that helps them achieve their life goals through the use of your company. Live in the dream and be the story teller.

Stop talking to your leads and listen to what your new business partners want and desire. See if your opportunity matches their dreams. If it does great! If it doesn’t that is okay to.

Begin by looking at what your new distributor needs to be successful in their business. They are different than you, so work with them on their strengths and build them up.

Start today by focusing on selling the dream, through prosperity the rest will follow. Be an individual with value and go out and share that value with the world.

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Stay tuned for tomorrows post where we talk about why it’s important to Say No to 1,000 Things to succeed in your Home Based Business.

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Yours in Gratitude,

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    • Juli

      I have heard other network marketing leaders recommend using different blogs for different topics/niches as well. I have tried this before but find it takes A LOT of work maintaining more than one blog. How is it working for you so far?

      • Katrina

        Welcome back Juli! I actually prefer to wrap my passion around my opportunity. So helping people build their blog the right way the first time is the best way. I know that some people have multiple blog but I tell my Blogging Ingredients students that it is better to master and profit from one blog before you add another. Get laser focused and just do one thing first. Otherwise you will have zero success because you can’t fill 4 buckets at the same time. You will get less results and it will take you a lot longer.

        Great question. Do you have more than 1 blog?

    • Bob

      People do not dream anymore. They are caught in the economic pressure cooker, time mismanagement and as we know poor health trap. God gave us 2 ears and 1 mouth. Listen to the true wants (dreams) and be successful and fulfilled. You are right on the money and directing your passions (heart) will set you free. great Job!!

    • Robert

      Yes would like more post like this. It was very helpful.

    • Brad

      What a great post! It is so true that most Network Marketers are passionate about helping others achieve the lifestyle of their dreams. Infact, we get so passionate that we tend to just start “pushing” our products on to people. I have had a really hard time because I wanted to help people so badly that I just could shake them, as to say wake up! Tim asked you some very eye opening questions and thank you for sharing those questions…they opened my eyes as well! I know this is going to sound repepitisous of me but, you just keep inspiring me and others! Thank you for being YOU! Keep on rolling out great valuable content cause Im hungry for it! 🙂

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