Today has been a bit of a reflection day… I started going back through my calendar and realized what an amazing year it has been.

Here is my personal Review of 2014… and where I will be focusing in 2015.

We will start from the beginning because I want to take you on a journey that is rather common for most Entrepreneurs in their first year of business.

At this time last year I had $23.84 in my bank account. I was taking out Amscot loans to cover my rent and hoping my Elite Marketing Pro Affiliate check would show up soon to pay back the loan.

The year didn’t start out as I had planned. When I retired from my job in May 2013 I thought riches would be pouring in and I would have this whole online, network marketing thing figured out.

Turns out… that it takes about a year to learn and implement what it really means to become an online marketer.

The Mastermind of January 2014

Action & Attraction Marketing MastermindI got a call from my video marketing coach Jessica Brace, asking if I wanted to partner with her on a 2 day Mastermind. The focus was to help local business owners get a clear vision of their goals and how to use Video and Blogging to make it happen.

We were able to bring together 17 amazing leaders and over 2 days had them setting goals, doing video, and breaking through mindsets that were holding them back.

It was an intense two days and even I, as a co-host, walked out of this event having learned a lot.

We even had a board breaking session and I will tell you this…

Setting goals and taking the time to realize what is holding you back and then writing on a board that you have to break… has got to be one of the most powerful and emotional things you can do.

Millionaire Luncheon February 2014

Chef Katrina and Tim ErwayIn the beginning of February I was at an emotionally low point. Still had little to no funds but now I was motivated. I was tired of struggling and I knew that I had to do something different.

I couldn’t let fear hold me back anymore. So I did something way out of my comfort zone… I messaged Tim Erway.

I can’t begin to tell you how scared I was to hit the send button. I must have read my message 1000 times and then almost deleted it 2000 times.

All I could think was that he won’t respond or that he would respond! I had worked myself up into a state let me tell ya.

Low and behold… Tim Erway wrote me back and agreed to have lunch with me. I swear I was doing cartwheels in my house.

But now I couldn’t just show up with a sob story of why things were going wrong with my life. Heck I didn’t even what to hear that story.

So I sat down and started writing questions that I wanted to ask Mr. Erway. What was I struggling with? What did I need clarification on for my funnel in building my business? I wanted to come across as someone that had a purpose behind this luncheon.

Woke up early that morning and drove almost 2 hours to have lunch.

At 11:45 am Feb. 25th, a beautiful Tuesday afternoon I had lunch with Tim Erway. In 45 minutes I had more direction and clarity than I ever had. Now I had something to prove. Now I was on a mission. Best lunch I ever bought for a millionaire.

What Tim didn’t know was that I was down to my last $10 bucks after buying lunch and had just enough gas to get back home.

I would do it again in a heartbeat!

March Madness

Now it was time to get serious. After talking with Tim it was time.

I needed to step into my life and not just hope something good would happen.

So I spent most of this month promoting my blogging course Blogging Ingredients. With little to no funds I had to get creative. I learned how to host webinar on my blog.  And I was making sales. I borrowed what I could and was determined to make 2014 my year.

Towards the end of the month tickets went on sale for No Excuses Summit and I promises myself I would attend this event. Thanks to my commission check that came in the mail from Elite Marketing Pro I was able to buy this ticket. I was ecstatic.

Then on March 24th I had a call with Doug DeMecurio, who would later become my co-host for the Elite Marketing Pro 60 Day Challenge.

April Brings Family Together

For the first time in over a year, I finally got to travel and go see my family.

Spent time with two of my brothers during this month. I went to Arkansas to visit my oldest brother and his family for the Easter holiday.

And my brother Paul came down and visited me for a couple of days.

In the background I was still hosting my weekly Elite Marketing Pro Mastermind and getting the details together for the 60 Day Challenge.

I discovered that I have a talent for getting top leaders to say yes to being part of training. In a matter of a week I have all 8 training spots filled for this 60 day challenge. Even got Tim Erway to be one of our trainers. 🙂

Recruited a new distributor into my MLM. Last one was over 9 months ago.

The Challenge of May

On May 6th we kicked off our Elite Marketing Pro 60 Day Fast Start Challenge. (whew… is that a mouth full)

Every Tuesday and Thursday for 9 weeks we taught over 153 Elite Marketing Pro affiliates how to use the EMP system to build their business.

We covered everything from social media, video, blogging, email, capture pages, sales funnels, and more during this time. We brought together trainers from all over the online industry to share their biggest secrets. This training was valued at over $10,000 and they got it for FREE just being an Elite Marketing Pro member.

During this month I lost my uncle and decided it was time to travel home to see my parents.

So I packed up my car and my dog and we took our very first road trip together across the U.S.A.

We drove from Orlando, FL to Ely, NV over the course of 10 days stopping to visit family along the way.

Of course I had to budget, so I packed our food and figured out what it was going to cost me in gas. Our first night out we didn’t have a place to sleep. Was planning on sleeping at a rest stop. But my best friends husband is an over the road truck driver and as the fates would have it. We would be in the same place that night.

For the first time in my life I got to sleep inside a trucker cabin. (Katie, my dog, was happy)

Did I mention that I had no A/C in my car?

And yes… I was still co-hosting and training during this cross country trip.


I have to say this month turned into something amazing.

Chef Katrina Year in Review

I was asked to speak to over 2000 home based travel agents. Teaching them how to use blogging as a way to build their brand and their business.

This was an amazing opportunity to share what I am passionate about, which is blogging.

During this event I promoted my Blogging Ingredients Course and some done with you coaching. Had a blast in Vegas and got to spend time meeting some amazing people!

Then just 9 day later I attended No Excuses Summit 5 as a VIP member.

Sat front row and for the next 3 days I became the student. I learned a great deal from this event. How to set up a capture page, create a funnel, and really tighten up my Blogging Course capture page and webinar.

See, I knew quite a bit about marketing but I knew I needed to still learn more. So I opened myself up to more training and boy did I learn a lot!

So much in fact that I started to put it right into practice by attending the break out sessions and helping others get their capture pages and sales funnels set up. Just continuing to pay it forward.

Elite Marketing ProSeems that my efforts of helping others was not missed by Tim Erway, Matt Crystal, Raymond Fong, or Ferny Ceballos and the EMP Team. I was recognized by them, from stage, as a servant leader and someone to work closely with. I am truly humbled by their praise. I am just doing what I always do… helping others.

No Excuses Summit is a 3 day event that digs into the foundation of online marketing. Something that very few teach and these guys are masters at it. Can’t wait to attend No Excuses 6 in 2015 and be on stage!

This also turned out to be the month that I made my first $1,000 with Elite Marketing Pro.

July Wrap Up

July proves to be the month of wrapping it all up.

Our last day of the 60 Day Fast Start Challenge was July 10th. The results and testimonials were staggering. Doug and myself had no idea the impact we had until we started getting feedback and questions of when we were going to start the next 60 day challenge.

Patty-emp-60-day-challengeTestimonials like this had us considering doing another 60 day challenge…..

This month also turned out to be the month to train my parents in the world of online marketing. Last month they closed their Needle Craft and Framing shop after 10 years. They were ready to retire and spend time with their kids and grand kids.

So I showed them how to use ebay, paypal, and square. Back in June I helped them reduce their inventory by over 43% in just 30 days by applying what I learned from Elite Marketing Pro. But they still had items they needed to sell.

I gave them a way to do business from their home. They loved it!

By now I have been away from home for almost 6 weeks and it was time to start making the return trip. So I pack up my car and my dog.

(have no fear we got the A/C fixed!)

Our first stop is to finally meet my co-host and business partner Doug DeMecurio in person.

And the planning for EMP 60 Day Challenge #2 is born.

By the end of July I finally make it back home to Florida. Now it is time for more planning and hustle.

Silent August

This turned out to be a month of planning and prepping. Creating video, writing blog posts, creating engagement, and setting a solid foundation for what was to come.

During this time there was a lot more planning for the Elite Marketing Pro 60 Day Challenge and some work I had to do.

Recruited a new Distributor into my MLM. Signed up via the Internet and a capture page I created. We have only chatted via email.

Roaring Into September

Pushing hard on my blogging, following my daily action planner, and then it happens….

Elite Marketing Pro 60 Day Challenge #2 begins and it is even better than the first one!

We listened to the feedback we got and we gave Elite Marketing Pro affiliates what they wanted. Exact training.

I asked the top leaders in EMP Leads and Sales to spill their deepest darkest secrets. You wanted FB training in detail… let me get the #1 FB leader and have them reveal what it takes to use FB to build your business.

This was a no holds training and the leaders we were able to bring to this training could have easily charged us a combined total of $90,000 to give away the secrets and training they did. But again… for just being an Elite Marketing Pro member… you got it for FREE.

But here is the sad news… this was the last 60 Day EMP Challenge. My co-host Doug and I will not be doing this again.

Now the only way to get access to this training is by join my team through this special link. Elite Marketing Pro. When you join, you will get access to this training. This is my gift to you.

Coaching in October

October turns into my coaching month. Along with co-hosting the challenge twice a week, I am also doing 1-2-1 coaching with my private clients.

I continue to host my blogging mastermind group and my private EMP training.

November & December

Ending the year strong… I make my first $3,000 in affiliate commissions with Elite Marketing Pro.

Elite Marketing Pro


I recruit 2 new distributors into my MLM company and 1 new customer.

Doug and I were asked to share our deepest secrets behind the Myth of Massive action. We did a training for a highly sought after online magazine called What’s Working Now. And were featured in the December 2014 issue. You can get access to this training for $1.

Myth of Massive Action


Honestly this is not my favorite picture… but it is the only one with Doug and I together. Taken in the Rocky Mountains!

I continue to move forward and build my business.

What’s Next for 2015?

I will be rolling out with a new training for marketers in 2015. My focus will be on Blogging and Pinterest. And if you haven’t started blogging, grab my step by step Blog Training.

Plus Doug and I are back with a brand new training series… stay tuned for more details.

I will be focused on building my marketing team and helping anyone that join my team with EMP. I have made all the mistakes and can now show you the fastest path to creating a 6-figure income. Join me in Elite Marketing Pro and let me work with you to create the financial future you want.

I am sure there is more to come… but that is where it begins!

Thank you so much for taking time to read this post. I hope it inspired you to take action and commit to your life.

This year has been hard financially but towards the end of the year I began to see the light. This works and I invite you to join me anywhere along the journey. From blogging to EMP, I am here to help you succeed.

Yours in Gratitude,

Chef Katrina van Oudheusden

Chef Katrina







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    • Brian Meehan

      That’s such a great story. Goes to show what you can accomplish with focus and determination.

      Good job!

      • Katrina

        Hi Brian! It definitely took some determination. But I have always said, “Where there is a will, there is a way.” Looking forward to checking out your blog. Hope to see you back here soon. Katrina

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    • Jack Norman

      Happy New Year I like your post and know you will do good this year 2015 you got the best products see you on Facebook

      • Katrina

        Thank you Jack! Between Reliv and Elite Marketing Pro I am looking to make 2015 my standout year! See you on Facebook my friend! 🙂

    • Janelle

      WOW Katrina,

      What an AMAZING year/story and THANK YOU for sharing this truthfully. I LOVE every bit of it especially how you said you only had like $20 something bucks to your name and only $10 bucks left after paying for lunch and just enough gas to get back home. Well as you see, you STILL stuck with it. You still believed in yourself, vision, dreams, and best your goals!!! Towards the ending of the year YES the rewarda are paying off. All boils down to you being consistent, which is the key to success!

      Well congrats! The finally crossed the finish line and now you’re on for a smooth ride this new 2015 year to come! Wishing you nothing much peac and tons of prosperity.


      • Katrina

        Thank you Janelle! It was a bit of a bumpy ride. I guess I wanted people to see that money really doesn’t tell you whether you will succeed or fail… It’s the consistent effort and daily belief that can change everything. Wishing you success in the New Year!

    • Leenie

      What a great post! It was really brave of you to post something like that. You’ve made some great strides in 2014 and I really hope that everything continues to improve for you in 2015.


      • Katrina

        I thought it would help others to see that what is perceived is not always what is going on. Thank you for your comment Leenie and I look forward to seeing more comments from you!

    • Brad Chase


      What an inspiring post! You laid it all out there for everyone to read, see and feel. Anyone who knows you and/or follows you online and personally can see a huge difference in all the areas of marketing! From the struggles you stated in this post, I admire your strength and persistence…it takes a very strong willed individual to keep moving forward during hard times. I know you are going to accomplish much more in 2015!

      Keep on Keep’in on!

      With the utmost sincerity,

      Bradley L Chase III

      • Katrina

        Thank you Brad. It was a year that tested everything in me. And I am sure 2015 will do the same. Thank you for your friendship and I look forward to seeing you in our masterminds! God Bless and have an amazing New Year!

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