Success Envy and how to breakthroughIs the success of others a motivation factor or demotivating factor for you?

Yesterday I was talking to a friend of mine, we are both in the same affiliate program. We were chatting about stay focused and creating expectations.

Towards the end of this call my friend made a comment that has been replaying itself over and over again in my head. So much so that I thought… I should turn this into a blog post because I have a feeling there are others out there feeling this exact same way.

Time to nip this in the butt!.

The comment, “I am starting to get success envy and a little jealous of all the success images I am seeing posted in our group. I don’t have any of those results, what am I doing wrong?”

This type of comment has been called comparatitus. Or success envy. Or dream destroyer. Or demotivating.

Watch this video as I explain how this could be stopping you from moving forward in your business and how to break through this comparatitus and finally succeed in your business.

Overcoming Success Envy…

One of the best quotes I ever heard on how to combat success envy was,

“Don’t compare your beginning to someone else’s middle.”

For those that don’t know my story… 2014 was a tough year for me. I break down the absolute truth of what your first year as an internet market might look like. It’s a harsh reality. It’s call Chef’s 2014 Year in Review.

That was a tough year for me. It was the roller coaster of my true understanding of online marketing. I wish there was an easy button, but the journey that led me here to where I am today is one that I would absolutely do over again.

Success Envy Busted!

Let’s look into the real truth of success envy.

Holding the mirror up to my own face I would say success envy exists because it reveals the lack of action I am taking in my own business. When I start to feel success envy I am myself…

“What are you doing today to move your business forward?”

Some of the time I get lazy, and right now I am working on getting out of my no blogging funk. I have been bad about staying consistent and sharing good content. I make excuses and ultimately I am my own downfall.

Just being honest with you. So to help me stay on track… I am going to share with you some of the actions you can be taking to move your business forward. I can these the profit actions, because over time they will add money to your bank account.

  • Personal Development
  • Write a Blog Post
  • Create and Upload a Video
  • Post to Social Media 10-4-1 Rule
  • Send an email to your list
  • Attend a live networking event
  • Follow up with a lead
  • Host a sales webinar

These a just a few action items that you can do to help put your business into motion. I would recommend you choose only 1 or 2 when you first get started. A little action is better than no action at all in your business.

Don’t let the middle of someone else’s story be your reason to not move forward or doubt what you are doing right now. If you are just getting started online, then accept that this is going to be a journey and a hands on education.

No matter where you are at on your journey, know this, right now someone is comparing their beginning to what you are doing online. More than likely they are already looking up to you, so share this post with them and let it do all the explaining for you.

Success is just one action away, so keep moving forward and doing daily profit producing action.

If you got value from today’s post, please comment and share. Appreciate you. 🙂

Yours in Gratitude,

Chef Katrina van Oudheusden


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