So the other day I was poking around my Pinterest account and created a random ad.

Totally random. Based it off the training I got from a Facebook course. Figured it has to follow the same type of strategy.

Slap me silly!

Not only did this ‘accidental’ ad work, it converted. Like gang busters!

So now I have to figure out what the heck I did, so I can duplicate it and then teach it to you. Cause this is ridiculous.

In a good way mind you.

Here’s what happened on Pinterest

The first Ad I ran was a few months back. It was doing okay. Nothing crazy but still getting me a few leads and conversions.

So I decided to amp up my understanding of how Pinterest ads work. Lots of trial and errors for sure.

Heck I even did a few blog posts about my beginnings of using Pinterest.

What I was starting to understand was that Pinterest was about interests in a persons life. Those that use Pinterest use it for future planning.

This is vital that you understand this from a marketing perspective.

So because I was lazy as heck a few months back I ran an ad to a blog post that was written by my friend Ferny Ceballos.

Three Proven Ways to Grow Your Network Marketing Business Online.

I recommend reading it… It’s that good.

The next connection I had to make was the Pinterest image, which tends to be taller than what other social media sites use.

So I jumped onto Canva and I created this image…

Ferny Reveals

My Pinterest Funnel Thinking…

I wanted to make a connection between who the author was and why the pinner should read this blog post. I also wanted to flag the reader.

By flagging, you will notice that I have, “Attn: Network Marketer”. I wanted them to know this was a blog post written for them.

I hope this makes sense. There’s some thinking that goes into what I want to accomplish on Pinterest.

The Random Pinterest Ad

Now this is totally random. I had run a test engagement ad on Pinterest before and saw little results with it.

So what made me look at this again… Engagement.

Like what I teach on Facebook marketing, you always want to have a promoted page campaign going. You want to always be growing your audience.

I thought I might want to try this same practice on Pinterest. They can’t be that different.

Recruitng Bootcamp

Yup… that is what I am creating engagement around… Go figure.

Once I added this Pinterest engagement ad, I started getting more leads and more conversions. I’m not 100% sure if this worked because…

  1. It was on the same board of the 1st ad pin
  2. Created it own awareness of my Pins
  3. Noticed that the conversions where coming from my blog and the leads where going to the Elite Marketing Pro system for follow up.
  4. So I’m still a bit confused on how all this is working to produce the results I am getting.

… and that is why I am now testing a Pinterest Funnel. I want to see if I can pin point what really works and what combination of engagement to traffic is needed, if any?

Testing the Pinterest Funnel

A few day back I did a reveal of my Pinterest Funnel that I created and now running ads to.

My goal is to test this ad for engagement and traffic. Following what I already know to work.

Do you want to follow along?

Make sure you are on my newsletter to get all the updates and how you can apply this to your business. This is going to be fun.

Did you get value from this post in Pinterest Funnel? Share your comment below. If you know someone that would get value from this training, please feel free to share.

Yours in Gratitude,

Chef Katrina van Oudheusden

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      Hi Katrina, nice share. I’ve enjoyed reading your post. Actually I’ve never thought of using Pinterest to generate leads for my business. But after reading your post and ways to convert leads to sales. Looking forward to give it a try.

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    • Ruthanne

      Sweet! Thanks for helping me up my game!

      • Katrina

        Love what you are doing with Pinterest and have realized how powerful groups and rich pins really are! Thank you for sharing your Pinterest insight.

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