Who is Chef Katrina?

Hey, Welcome to my all about me helping you page.

Honestly, I hate talking about myself but you are curious on who this Chef person is that is writing and teaching online marketing?

First I want to get to the point... the entire purpose of this blog is to provide training on the marketing ingredients that are required for building a business online.

As a network marketer we are not trained to be marketers and business owners. We are fed some crap about how we can be making $100's in just days or get that new car in 30 days...

But what most network marketing uplines don't tell you is that this is some damn hard work. Period! You are going to have to work to build your business. It is not going to build itself for you.

So I am on a mission to educate, train, support, and mastermind with network marketers around the industry.

I sincerely want to help people succeed in their online adventures.

Back Story...

Seven years ago I joined my network marketing company Reliv. Like most of us when we get started I had some success but once I burned through my family and friends, my business died.

So I did what many of us do... go online searching for help. The reason we do this... because we are not getting the right training from our upline. Not their fault... they weren't taught to be marketers or trainers.

The first thing I stumbled across was something called the Attraction Marketing Formula. The single most influential and proven training for teaching network marketers how to build their business online.

This became my online guide and foundation... my only struggle. NO ONE in my mlm was applying this training.  So I basically had to figure it out on my own.

I purchased many more courses, training, and lead generation systems only to have little to no success.

There was something I was missing and I didn't have a person to ask. So last year I did something really out of my comfort zone... I asked for help from one of the biggest online marketing leaders... Click Here to read my story.

This will give you an idea of where I was and where I am today to help you.

Contacting Me...

If you should feel the need to contact me about anything on my blog, you have a couple of options.

Email: Katrina@thechefkatrina.com

Facebook: www.thechefkatrina.com/facebook

Google+: www.thechefkatrina.com/google

So if a link doesn't work... or a video doesn't play... just let me know. I appreciate your help!

This May Interest You....

So I have been blogging for almost 2 years now. I have created many blogs over the past 7 years and most of them I let die or I put the kibosh on them.

Some were horrible and some just didn't inspire me to write on them.  But shockingly when I discovered my passion to help educate and train network marketers, my blog took off!

In the process of creating multiple blogs... I learn a lot about blogging and realized something. Every blogging course I purchased glossed over the technical part of blogging.

So that led to many frustrating hours of me trying to figure out the difference between a blog post and a blog page. What a permalink was and how to build my blog with SEO.

This struggle led me to create my own blogging course called Blogging Ingredients. After years of being a chef.. I have learned something... Keep It SIMPLE and easy to follow.

The highlights about this course....

- Able to set up your blog in 5 minutes.

- Targeted training that is no more than 5-7 minutes long. NO more searching through hours of training to find the 2 minutes of training that you really needed.

- Mastermind Group for asking questions and sharing your blog

- Weekly Live Q&A training. You have questions... get them answered in real time with me as your coach during these hour long group training session.

I have come to find that many of you enjoy have an instructor led training. So while this course is self-paced... you have the opportunity to join us for our live Q&A sessions anytime.

Like I said earlier... I am extremely bent on helping network marketers become successful using the internet and a huge piece of that is your blog.

Some of my Favorite Posts....

I have a few posts that got a ton of traffic, so I am guessing they hit home with a lot of peeps.

My First Full Year As An Entrepreneur - A shocking tale, with many twists and turns.

Why I Said NO To A Red Hot Lead - This is not the kind of person you want in your MLM.

Sponsor More Reps Without Hard Selling - Attraction marketing at work

I am sure there are a few more, but honestly those 3 stand out for me.

Some Interesting Facts About Me

Well since you have hung around this long... It's time for some interesting facts about me.

  1. I was a Sous Chef at Walt Disney World for over 12 years. Hence the Chef Katrina.
  2. I competed in Ballroom dancing
  3. I have never been married... people seem to find this fascinating.
  4. I got a full volleyball scholarship for all 4 years of college. I majored in Hotel/Restaurant/Tourism Management with a Culinary Arts Certificate.
  5. I love working on my car... and at the time of this post she has 260,000 miles!
  6. I have driven through 30 of the 48 continual states in the U.S.
  7. My downfall is Taco Bell
  8. At 5'11 I love wearing heels. The taller the better.
  9. I have almost no fashion sense...
  10. I am a sucker for dance movies. The cheesier the better.

And I am not sharing any more! LOL. Thank you soo much for hanging out with me today.

If you want at the end of every blog post I have a sign up form to get updates when I blog. I encourage you to sign up. Every now and then I will promote something like crazy but for the most part I will just be sharing some really helpful training.

See Ya Soon!

Chef Katrina

Doing a Cooking Demo

Speaker at the Home Base Travel Agent Forum

Ballroom Dancing the Cha Cha