MLM LeadsSo, why would I say NO to a mlm lead that called me and asked me to join my team.

With so many people scrambling and fighting to get people to join them, why in the world would I refuse to accept a person onto my team?

It comes down to a mindset. In the world of network marketing, I get to choose who I work with.

My job in recruiting prospects, is to interview them and find out if they’re the right fit for my team.

You do have a choice in who you recruit. Make it a point that you won’t bring anyone into your team that doesn’t meet your standards.

What Should You Look For In A MLM Lead?

Honestly this is going to differ for everyone. It depends on who you are willing to work with.

My requirements look something like this:

1. Be Teachable

2. Invest in Your Education with Attraction Marketing Formula. This is required training for my team.

3. Create and Share Your 5 Year Goal. Who Do You Want To Be? How Will You Serve Others To Make That Happen?

3. Hold Yourself Accountable.

4. Ask Questions and Become a Resource to Your Team

5. Share Your Story Daily.

What You Need To Tell Your MLM Lead…

I think honestly is a trait that is missing from this industry. We glam up our business, we sell the hype….

But the glam dulls and the hype disappears, then what do you have left?

You have you… standing their watching your dreams slip through your fingers… and faced with a reality that your upline never told you about.

Some people will never make a dime in this industry. They will struggle for years, jumping from one opportunity to the next, chasing after the almighty dollar.

Only to have it dance like a mirage in the distance. Disillusioned they go out and tell others that the MLM industry is a scam, and that the hype was a lie.

So be honest with your prospects.

Have people had success in your MLM? Yes!

Is everyone making money in your MLM? No…

Will you have to do some daily work in your MLM to create success? Yes!

Will money just flow to you once you sign up with your upline? No….

Consider your MLM like a start-up business. You have the products but now… you have to learn marketing. Who is the best consumer of your product or opportunity?

(Hint) It’s not everyone.

Why Saying No To A MLM Lead Is Good

You have a choice of who is on your team. Surround yourself with leaders that do, rather than complainers that complain.

If you talk with a lead and don’t feel like there is a connection, by all means, say no and move on.

This keeps you from having all your energy sucked right out of you. It also helps keep the moral of the team high. You don’t need a “Grumpy” in your group.

Give them the boot and say no to prospects. It will raise your authority and let your team know that you have a standard when building your business.

When you raise your vibration level, others will do the same.

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Yours in Gratitude,

Chef Katrina van Oudheusden

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    4 replies to "Why I Turned Away A “RED HOT” MLM Lead"

    • Jaye Carden

      You are right about getting to choose who you work with. That is just one of many factors that makes this industry the best in my opinion! I have not yet to turn anyone down, but when I was new to this I did recruit someone who I wished I hadn’t. So now I know that turning them down isn’t a bad decision in cases. This was a fun read!

      • Katrina

        I think we all recruit people that we wish we hadn’t. LOL. Love your comment and looking forward to seeing back here soon!

    • Kai

      I totally agree that you have a choice and that we should not be too quick to bring people into our businesses unless they have similar passion and drive to succeed. From experience, I wanted to help everyone but really couldn’t help the people that didn’t want to help themselves. Thanks for this great reminder – A Huge perk for being an independent business owner is, YOU get to pick who you want to work with.

      • Katrina

        Awesome comment Kai! I believe people should have a standard of who they want to work with. And sometimes family and friends are not the people you want to work with. Which is why I love when Mike Dillard asked, “when do you recruit family and friends? … when you don’t need them!”

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