what to blog aboutOne of the top questions asked by those getting started with their blog is, “What should my blog be about?”

If you have spent anytime online the answers range across the board and across the industry.

So let’s focus on network marketers and what they should be blogging about.

My first frame of thought is to remind you that the internet is mainly used as a research tool. People go online looking for answers to questions or do research. So if we keep that in mind throughout this article by the time we get to the end, you should have a really good idea of what to write about.

I want to make this as comprehensive as possible, so I am going to give you 3 step by step instructions. Ready?

#1 What to Blog about?

It begins with a little research. Typically most of us in network marketing just want to jump online and start blasting away. We share stories, products, show income opportunities… we ALL do it. Including myself.

We are just so excited and see ourselves helping so many people that we get carried away. Next thing you know, we have friends un-friending us on social media. They stop answering our phone calls, and we feel like we have become the pushy sales people… but all we were trying to do was show people our amazing opportunity. What did we do wrong?

First off, you did nothing wrong. You did what you thought was right. But when you take a look at your opportunity, ask yourself why you joined? Hidden in that answer is your secret to getting more people to join you.

Because it all starts with research. Who are you talking to? Where are they going online to find information? How do you get in front of them?

Remember this…. there are thousands of MLM opportunities out there. Don’t expect people to know about yours.

One of my favorite resources to find answers to my questions is Google… more specifically as a blogger… Keyword Planner. This is one of my biggest secrets to building and generating leads with my blog.

Quick question, How many times have you met with a new prospect, had a meeting with them, and then known that after that meeting they went online to do some research? It happens all the time.

So what would happen if you could get in front of them on the internet? Which leads to step #2.

#2 Get in Front of Your Prospects

So what if you could get in front of your prospects and become a trusted leader before you even met them? What if they called you up and asked to join your MLM because they have done their research and found you?

It’s possible. It happens every day.

Right now your perfect prospect is scouring the internet looking for more reasons why to join a particular MLM and more importantly, whom to join. Most of us what to join someone that we feel can help us build our business. We are looking for a leader.

But how can you be a leader if you don’t have anyone on your team?

Leadership start with leading and what better way to be a leader than by blogging? Begin the process of answering questions. Use your blog a resource for communication.

You get an objection… how do you respond? You have a new product, can you do a review on it? Can you explain your compensation plan? Can you tell me why I should join your team? All these questions can be answered and use as a way to be found online. Now instead of just seeing all the negative about your MLM, you can start spinning a positive light about your MLM.

The more often you do this and the more you share it across social media platforms… in time you will be found and thought of as the obvious leader to join.

Don’t let the thought of not having a downline stop you from providing value and sharing information. Your downline will grow fast enough.

Which leads to step #3….

#3 How to Create a Blog?

You should have an idea of what you want to blog about before you create your blog. It will cut down on the frustration and overwhelm that many beginner bloggers experience.

I do have a couple of rules when it come to blogging as a network marketer.

#1 Make sure you own your blog. Don’t use a free platform like blogger or wordpress.com to build your blog.


Because sooner or later you are going to see the fine print that says… we don’t want network marker blogs on our site. The perception is that you might be scamming someone. We both know this to be untrue but why give yourself a headache?

Might as well start off on the right foot and grab a domain and a hosting package. This puts you in control of your blog and there is no way to get kicked off or suspended from a site. You own it.

We call this online real estate and the center hub of all your profit-producing activities.

#2 Start building your list immediately. If you have a blog you should have an email autoresponder. An email autoresponder allows you to collect emails in exchange for value or in your case… learning more about your MLM.

My favorite email autoresponder is Aweber. I love it for it ease of use and ability to create really cool optin forms.

The ability to follow up with your leads and build a long-term relationship with them is priceless!

My last tidbit of advice is to grab my Blogging Ingredients course, where I give you step by step video training on how to set up your blog the right way the first time. Plus, as a bonus, you get access to my private blogging mastermind. This mastermind meets every week to talk about blogging, resolve technical questions, and give you the support you need to get blogging today.

Blogging is not a fast process but once you build it, it will generate leads for you day in and day out. It will become your ultimate lead generation machine.

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Also… what has been your biggest struggle with blogging? Share your comment below. I would like to answer it on a future blog post.

Yours in Gratitude,

Chef Katrina van Oudheusden

Chef Katrina

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