Google Keyword Planner for Bloggers

keyword plannerConfused by Keyword Planner? Google Adwords just changed their search format from Keyword Tool to Keyword Planner.

Still a very powerful tool and even more so if you have never used it before.

So how do you do you use the new Google Keyword planner for your blog?

Google Keyword Planner

So overall, keyword planner is not too different than keyword tool. Some of the information has changed but still a powerful tool to use.

If you have been blogging and not using this tool to help you create more powerful blog post, then you could be missing out on money and leads.

This video shows you how simple it is to search, find, and know what your niche is looking for. If you are not in front of your audience, someone else is. Don’t pass up leads, customers, and business builders because you overlooked Keyword Planner as not important.

Get started with Keyword Planner

My Blogging Ingredient students are starting to use this tool to create super powerful blogs. They are using keywords in their categories, titles, and blog post. They are going after their niche with a passion. Once you see what people are looking for, your blog really does take on a life of its own.

Stop blogging in the dark and start using Keyword Planner to get in front of your audience.

If you got value out of this training on Google Keyword Planner for bloggers, please share on Facebook and Twitter using the icons below. Have you used keyword planner yet? What do you think of this tool for bloggers?

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    25 replies to "Google Keyword Planner for Bloggers"

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    • Johanna

      Hello! I’ve been reading your web site for a long time now and finally got the courage to go ahead and give you a shout
      out from Lubbock Tx! Just wanted to mention keep up the fantastic job!

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    • Pat Moon

      Thank you so much for the detailed use of the google keyword planner. Very helpful information.

    • Katrina, it is important to keep up on what your target audience wants. Thanks for the easy to understand information.

      • Katrina

        Love teaching technology and with this new change I had a lot of my blogging students asking questions. Always a blessing to give back!

    • Ceci Mejia

      Thank you for the info, I need to read this again and learn how to use it!!!!

      • Katrina

        Hi Ceci! Use it to build a list of keywords you want people to find you for. The more targeted you get with your marketing the better your results!

    • Thanks for the info, Katrina. It’s an awesome tool!

      • Katrina

        Totally agree! It is one of my favorite for anything I do online! Thank you for commenting.

    • Carla J Gardiner

      Awesome video Katrina highlighting how to use the new Google Planner Keyword Tool. This is definitely a new tool in my online marketing tool kit.

      • Katrina

        Have fun with it Carla. The more I use it the more traffic I see. Keep rocking it! Have a blessed weekend!

    • I have started using this tool to help me find long tail keywords that are a bit easier to rank for while I am working on the bigger picture keywords.

      • Katrina

        Hi Christy! Love using this tool for long tail keywords. Most people search in sentences now.. so a great strategy for you to use! Keep rocking the great content on family!

    • Michelle E

      Thanks Katrina! I am going to have to read up on this and use it.

      • Katrina

        I love this tool and it has created some very targeted traffic to my blog. Love it! Let me know what happens for your blog.

    • Great information on a very confusing topic. Thanks so much for sharing this and for clarifying questions for me.

      Make it an awesome day!

      • Katrina

        Always try to provide value and help! Hope you are having an awesome day!

    • Carol Steinberg

      Okay, watched the video, went thru the steps…my key words are art, painting, florals, etc…Not sure what to do with all the stuff that came up.

      • Katrina

        use them for posts, articles, pictures, and so forth. I tend to look for keywords that have less then 3000 views per month. I want a very specific targeted niche so that my posts and articles get found when people search for those terms.

    • Carol Steinberg

      I was not aware of this at all…seems very helpful…and I’m going to watch the video. Thanks!

    • Michelle DeBerge

      I did not know about that tool! Thank you

      • Katrina

        One of the strongest tools for bloggers. If you don’t know your niche or targeted audience how are they going to find your blog?

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