Out with the old and in with the New Pinterest of 2020

(This post was update May 14th, 2020)

Many of us know Pinterest to be this ‘board thing’ where we go to get recipes and DIY stuff for holidays. We would go to Pinterest to find pretty pictures and ideas.

Even when Pinterest rolled out with Business accounts, many businesses had no idea what to do with Pinterest. How do you use a platform that seemingly caters to women?

What businesses would benefit from being on Pinterest?

The shocking answer is that all businesses would benefit from being on Pinterest. It’s the visual search platform that is replacing the Google search.

Okay… maybe not replacing but it is transforming how we search from text to visual. Which is how 90% of information is translated to the brain anyway. When I say tree, I’m almost sure you see an image of a tree and now how the word is spelled.

So why Pinterest for your business? Let’s look at the old and the new Pinterest.

Pinterest of Old – Remember when?

ah yes… the Pinterest of Old. It’s kinda like the Facebook of old. ?

Back in the day… a whopping 5 years ago in a land far… far… far away. There lived a platform called Pinterest. Just five years ago Pinterest saw that they should be cratering to businesses, so they launched Pinterest Business. An opportunity for those using their personal account to switch them over to a Business account at the push of a button. (I did)

With Pinterest Business, there was an opportunity to verify your website and for the first time track traffic from Pinterest to your online business.

It was clunky… not always true… and opened a door to Promoted Pins.

Now Promoted Pins back in the day had few choices. Run a promoted pin targeting keywords… and have about 100 of them! OMG, talk about a shotgun approach to marketing.

But this information and strategy were needed so that Pinterest could start to refine their audience and find out what people were repinning and clicking on. This gave way for better analytics for businesses.

Remember when promoted pins were only available in the U.S and Canada. For a few years, we were the testing ground. There was no roadmap and trust me when I say I invested thousands of dollars in learning Promoted Pins…. AND it was worth every penny!

As a consumer on Pinterest… we could repin pins to our boards and that was about it. We pinned things that inspired us or were important to us. Overall it was a place where we collected ideas. ❤

Even with Pinterest Business of old… I still got a lot of traffic to my business site and continue to make sales off my pins.

But the New Pinterest… whoa! Watch out online marketing world and business owners. You should have been paying attention to this kid on the block. What Pinterest promises to roll out in 2019 will wish you had been here for the last few years.

Don’t fret… if you are just now seeing the value of Pinterest… this is the time to start building your business brand over here ASAP.

The New Pinterest – OMG ?

The Pinterest of New is a business marketing game-changer. With all the beta features being tested… I’m like a kid in the candy store. I seriously can’t wait to share all the new treats with my Pinning Ingredients students.

Those going through my Pinterest course are getting the fastest updates to the Pinterest Business platform with suggestions on how to immediately implement into their business to increase leads and sales. ?

So what’s new about Pinterest business for 2020?

Pin Lock

I honestly don’t know if that is the right term but I am coining it.

Pin Lock means to share a pin from any website and the URL is locked to the Pin image. NO editing of URL allowed!

One of the biggest complaints that I got from artist and business owners was the “scrapping” of their pin images and having them be used by other people. Such a no-no and people did it. NOT COOL.

So in 2019 Pinterest removed the ability to edit an URL when you pinned an image from a site or even repinned on the Pinterest platform. YAY!

This is a great move by Pinterest it protects images, brands, and content that is shared freely on this platform. Welcome to New Pinterest!

Pinterest Group Board

While group boards have been around since almost the beginning you might not know that there have been some great updates.

It is now easier than ever to join a Group Board… All you have to do is click the Join Button and follow up with the admin of the board.

Pinterest Group Board

So when you create your boards you are going to go under the setting and flip the switch to allow people to request to join. Plus you can allow group members to invite others, and receive emails when people pin to your board.

Pinterest Group Board Settings

As you can see there are a lot of cool features and functions for you to create group boards.

One of my recent favorite tools for finding group boards to join is a site called PinGroupie. I’ve done a mini course training on this tool which I will be releasing soon! So stay tune! I think you are gonna love it.

Video – Hi! I See You! ??

You’ve heard it once and I am sure you will hear it a thousand times more… Video is HUGE!

No really, let’s get series. If you are hiding out from video you might what to re-think this. Video is becoming one of the fastest ways to build your brand.

And I found this really cool tool called Wave that lets you create 15-second intro video or ads! So powerful on the Pinterest platform. The best part… you don’t have to be in them! For those that are scared to do a video if you have to be in front of the camera… Here is an alternative.

Did you know that while those of us in the U.S. like horizontal videos, the world prefers vertical videos? Know what does really well on Pinterest?

You guessed it! Vertical videos. You can now upload mp4 videos right onto the Pinterest platform. And Vertical video’s look great in the newsfeed.

Plus Pinterest just rolled out a video tab that is now visible to pinners. Allowing those that visit your profile to see your top videos about your business.

I will say, I love to watch short videos on Pinterest about new products so I am excited to share and test this feature myself. ?

Promoted Pin – Advertise on Pinterest ?

Honestly, this could be another series of blog posts that I write. I love the Pinterest Promoted Pin format. And it is ever-evolving. Like I said earlier in this post, Pinterest is learning from us and other platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

So I will highlight some features and then stay tuned for more in-depth posts or if you want to get my best secrets… You might want to grab my Pinning Ingredients course.

The newest addition to promoted pins is the Catalog and the Shopping Campaign. Both go hand and hand. To create a shopping campaign you will need to set up your catalog.

New Pinterest feature in 2019

Once you have all the items in your catalog you can create your shopping campaign. I haven’t tested this yet myself, and I am looking forward to working with my clients to implement.

There has also been an ongoing update to categories for Promoted Pin when you use the Traffic Campaign. Allowing for better targeting. YAY!

Plus with the ability to create Act Alike Audiences with Pinterest, your business can really expand their reach on Pinterest.

There are some awesome updates going on over here at the new Pinterest!

Plus a few I can’t share with you yet. But stay tuned!

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Yours in Gratitude,

Chef Katrina

Chef Katrina

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