We are still hearing it… Video is king and so is content. This 4 step video format was not something I created but a training that I got from my mentor many years back and motified for what I was up to.

This format is the preferred format for YouTube Video creation and not so much on Facebook or other social media platforms. This format leans into direct communication with a call to action.

There are actually two types of video formats that can be used when building your business. While the video is king understanding the type of video you are creating and what has you create it are two different things.

Two Types of Video Content Creation

The first type of video content creation is what most of us have been focused on for the last decade or so… is the social media video.

This type of video is really about engagement. The focus is on building personal branding, letting your audience get to know you, and engaging with your audience live on your favorite social media site.

Facebook live, Periscope, IG TV, and even Tic Toc are all about entertainment. You have such a short time to capture your audience’s attention that if you are not entertaining them, they are going to tune you out.

One of the biggest mistakes I see business owners and network marketers make is thinking that they can do their FB live and just share it to YouTube also. But the truth is YouTube is all about the Search!

Which leads me to the second type of video – Search Video. Even today with all the focus on social media, search marketing still out preforms for organic and paid traffic. People come to the internet for only 3 reasons.

  1. Education
  2. Entertainment
  3. E-commerce

There truly is no other reason to be on the internet or staring at our digital devices for hours on end.

With video that are done for search marketing they lean into the ‘how to’ aspect of video. Which is why this four step format fits so well with doing videos that are created for search marketing.

Platforms that are built for search marketing are Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, Safari, Firefox… and the list goes on. Then you also have YouTube, Pinterest, and websites/blogging. These are search tools that provide resources and education, with of course a touch of entertainment.

Which now leads up to the 4 Step Video Format for creating engaging content.

The Four Step Video Format

When this formula is applied it does have powerful results. I’ve seen it proven by my students, clients, and the work I’ve done with top digital marketing companies.

The best way to explain the Four Step Video Format is of course, via video.

The simplicity of these for steps are what make it a winning formula for any content creator. It keeps the content focused with an apparent call to action (CTA) to move the viewer to the next step of the process.

If you are thinking about doing video, getting started with video, or have been doing videos for a while. I know you will find this training useful. Especially when you watch me do an example of the format for you.

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Thank you for your visit here to my blog. I hope you enjoyed this training on the 4 step video format. I look forward to seeing this type of video on your blogs, websites, and search platforms.

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Have a blessed, focused, and productive day!

Yours in Gratitude,

Chef Katrina

Chef Katrina

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    4 replies to "The 4 Step Video Format to create engaging content"

    • Fantastic video and I love your 4 steps. I always forget to add that structure and I know it makes such a big difference. Thank you for this info.

      • Katrina

        Hi Minette! You are very welcome for this information. I look forward to seeing you put it all together and create amazing videos! ~Katrina

    • Alice Gerard

      Very interesting. I have been thinking about doing video. The only thing that’s holding me back is… technology. I’m just not that adept. Once I figure out the technology, I would love to post video interviews with people because it would be nice for visitors to my blog to hear the people whom I interview in their own voices.

      • Katrina

        Hi Alice! A great tool to use for interviews is a tool called Streamyard. You can use this to go live on FB or YouTube. And the technology is easy to use. Best of luck! Katrina

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