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I'm Chef Katrina, former Disney Chef turned Digital Marketeer!

Back in 2013 I retired from the corporate kitchen at Walt Disney World. I had been working there for over 12 years and was burnt out from the long hours!

I had just gotten a 'raise' and thought to myself... I'm worth more than a 2% increase in pay. While I was grateful that we were still receiving raises each year, I wondered if there was another way. If there was a way to use the internet to build financial freedom without the long hours and giving up weekends and holidays. 

Over the years I've investing thousands of dollars into my education and training. I've purchased hundreds of courses, books, and events. 

And today, inside my exclusive Digital Marketeers Club, I share exactly how I went from broke to creating financial freedom and what it takes to begin living life on your terms. 

My Promise:

I only share what has worked for me. What I've used and taught others to use to build an online residual income. I can't make any guarantees that you will achieve the same results because I don't know what type of work ethic you have. 

While I know what I share works... It's up to you to implement, test, and get the results for yourself. 

I'm Against

 -- Any B.S. 

 -- Any rants or negativity

I'm For

 -- Collaboration

 -- Positivity

 -- Abundance

 -- And sharing with you the secrets that I have learned about building a profitable business online. 

I'm excited to be on this journey with you and look forward to YOUR Success Story

Welcome to the world of being a Digital Marketeer!

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