Do you feel like you are wasting money on ads and not getting the results that everyone seems to promise?

What if you could generate endless leads for life and all it took was to build your business online… and I don’t mean social media.

How much does it cost to build your online business? Can you do it on a budget or do you have to spend a lot of money?

Remember that the purpose of being online is for only two reasons.

  1. Education – we are here for information on products, services, and information about businesses or products. Honestly why else would you be online, if not to find answers to your questions?
  2. Entertainment – social media is 100% entertainment. From Facebook to YouTube we scroll to find out what is going on with our family and friends. We use youtube for entertainment.

The internet serves the purpose of getting us information. So why not harness that and add your information to it?

I know that if you have spent even 6 months learning online marketing, you have a vast amount of information to share. You have a knowledge that people are looking for.

The crazy thing is… they are looking to you to give them that information.

Relatability to Building a Business

People flock to the internet every day and they are looking for someone just like them. Someone who is just one step ahead of where they are and can show them how.

I got into online marketing because a guy name Mike Dillard, shared that he was a waiter that became a millionaire because he built his own brand. He shared what he was learning about applying attraction marketing to have more people reach out and ask how to join him in his business.

I thought to myself… If a waiter can do this…. I’m a Chef… I can also do this. And it was because of Mike’s continued success and his willingness to share what he was learning that I kept buying from him and to this day, 14 years later continue to follow him.

People are always looking for people they connect with. I struggle to relate to mom’s building their business because I’m not a mom. I can understand but if you got training from a mom about how she build her business, if you are a mom that would be more relatable.

How do you use this to build your business? It begins with your online presence… your blog. The foundation of building your business on a budget. For less than $300 a year you can be in business and attracting endless leads for your business.

You don’t have to waste money on ads because when you blog you start attracting your ideal customer. Your investment is in your time to create content.

While it might seem slow at first, it’s well worth the effort.

The Power of a Blog

Listen in as I share just how powerful a blog can be in building your business online.

If you are in the network marketing or direct sales industry… you are the brand. It’s not your company or products but you.

While I’ve heard that advertising is the fastest way to build, if you don’t understand the principles of marketing, you might be throwing money down the drain. If you want to build a lasting business without breaking the bank or getting yourself into credit card debt. Start with a blog.

Learning the foundation of search marketing will make you even more effective with social marketing and running ads.

What does it cost to build a blog?

Let’s lay it all out from domain to theme… this is what it might cost. Now it will depend on you, but in the world of digital marketing these are the elements you are going to need for your blog.

I offer no legal advise because I’m not a lawyer but you will need these elements to protect yourself and your brand in the long run.

Domain _ the name of your site. What you will share or tell people on how to find you on the internet. For personal branding see if your name is available. If it is… grab it!

If not some of the alternatives are:


Focus on keeping it easy to say and easy to spell. You want people to find you.

For both domain and hosting company I use JustHost for all my sites. I’ve used them for the past 7 years and love them. So much so that I became an affiliate for them. Meaning that if you click that link and use it to start your blog, I’ll make a few dollars in commission.

Cost for both domain & hosting: Estimate $47.40/year (first year)

Cost of installing WordPress: free

Theme: Optimize Press – $99/year is a paid theme that I believe every internet marketer should be using. You might not need everything yet if you are just getting started, but it will be a theme you will grow into.

Legal Disclaimers: privacy policy, terms and conditions, legal and policies you will need these on your blog to protect your business and yourself. These will run about $147/year and then $99 there after.

Total Blog Cost: $293.40

The goal with your blog is to make this investment back over the course of the year. From sharing your business or selling products and services, setting up your blog will be the most cost-effective element of your business.

Over time, your website will become part of your income-producing activities. If you could create endless leads, attract your tribe, and grow your business… is the $293.40 investment worth it?

It’s less than the cost of wasting money on ads, in the attempt of finding your right audience. With your blog, you will know who your audience is because of the content you write.

Welcome to the world of becoming a digital marketeer!

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Yours in Gratitude,

Chef Katrina

Chef Katrina

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