Seriously, it’s time you learned the ‘my business is better than your business’ b.s that is infesting the network marketing industry. It’s always there under the surface.

At times it is childish to watch. It’s also interesting to look at how we unfriend, block, and bad mouth people because of fear and the loss of a paycheck.

Network marketing is a business. You invest to become a distributor, independent business owner… or whatever your company calls it to stand out to be a bit different. At the end of the day you are paid for how well you market and sell products. That is what they pay you for. You are a sales person.

This is why the industry pushes for self development and for you to learn marketing skills. Their job is to keep the company lights on and make products you can sell. Your job is to learn the skill to sell these products and work with a team that can expand your overall team sales.

All multi level marketing did was give you the ability to get a piece of the pie from everyone on your team. It’s like being the CEO of your own company. A CEO of any company gets paid on the work the entire company does and the marketing that is done for the company.

Which brings me back to the ongoing childish play of “my company is better than your company”. Seriously….

My Comedic Out Take on My Company

Can I be honest with you?

If a network marketing company is successful it is because they have a product that fits a niche. Then they found fans that loved the product. Next those fans went out and told others. Welcome to network marketing basics.

Every network marketing company is built on the network of people with a passion for the project.

What would your life look like if you have raving fans and people telling you how amazing you are to others…

Wait! That sound like a movie or a rock start. LOL

So you know it is possible to become someone of value. As a network marketer your job is to improve your skill set and attract other to you because of your skills… not because of your products or company. Top Earner Truth Bomb 101

Can’t We All Just Get Along?

You and I both know that we always have a choice of who we do business with.

I’m telling you right now, no company is better than another, they just have differences. It could be a difference in product, price, opportunity, compensation plan… all sorts of reasons.

Recently I made a choice to change companies that I was supporting. I looked at both companies, was a member of both and decided that I liked one over the other. I shared my opinion with a few of me team members…

And then I became…. OMG direct competition!!! UGH!

I was made into an evil villain that was going to steal the entire team away….

Uh Hi… my name is Katrina and I made an educated decision about how I wanted to access information. Can I share the same information with you so you can make your own choice… or are you going to listen to someone’s opinion of me?

Either way, I’m good.

At the end of the day, my job is to drop truth bombs. Perspectives that you may agree with or disagree with.

The awesome thing is this… I want you to win. Those that stayed with that company, I was your biggest cheerleader. There I was looking for posts and communication about what you were learning. Excited to see if we were learning the same thing or if we could share information.

I love a different perspective and different point of view, don’t you?

When I was in the wellness industry I was excited that you were too. I loved that you loved your company and that you were getting results. I want health for everyone. Isn’t that what you want to?

Doesn’t it make sense then to cheer each other on in the network marketing industry instead of trying to flip, convert, steal, or whatever else they call it.

The Truth About Business

As I wrap this post up I want to share something I learned over the last 9 years after retiring from Disney.

The only business you can control is your business. Do the work on yourself and make sure you are investing in your personal development. Your business is you. How you react, how you feel, and how you treat others.

Inside Truth Bomb Marketing, I share my favorite training, books, and seminars that have had a profound impact on my business. If you want to learn how to play, have fun, and build a business on abundance. Come join the Truth Bomb Marketing Playground. I’ll save a spot for you in the sandbox!

Did you get value from ‘learn about the my business is better than your b.s.’? What did you like best, please share a comment below in the comment section.

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Yours in Gratitude,

Chef Katrina

Chef Katrina in a red blouse sharing the truth about my home business is better than yours.

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    2 replies to "Oh No!! Not the my business is better than your business b.s."

    • This is spot on!! If you’re an entrepreneur you take ownership of your own business decisions. Making a decision to do something different should not affect how we support and cheer each other on in our individual ventures. Changing companies is a business decision not an ‘I don’t like or support you decision’!! Thank you for calling out the BS!!

      • Katrina

        It really is a business and personal choice. There is nothing right or wrong in wanting to change companies, work with different leaders. That is all part of the journey and we see it happen all the time in the corporate world. We change jobs, get new mentors, learn new things. It’s always happening and when we support each other we give the opportunity for network marketing to have a better image and presence online.

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