MLM Hot Topic: Lead Generation

Lead GenerationIn today’s MLM hot topic we are going to cover lead generation. For many network marketers this is where we struggle the most.

We are told to keep our sales funnel full by always adding new people but the question that I am always asked is, “Where do I find people.”

Once you run out of your family and friends most networkers marketers struggle to build their business. I know it happened to me when I first got started. After I harassed my friends and co-workers who did I turn to next?

Like you, I didn’t want to chase people down. We both know that there are people right now searching the web looking for a better way to create lead generation.

Tell me, have you tried any of these methods?

  • Sizzle Cards
  • Yard Signs
  • Wanted Signs
  • Newspaper Ads
  • Car Window Messages
  • Business Cards in books at the bookstore?
  • Car Magnetic
  • and the list goes on……

Are you getting the kind of leads that you want? I know some people have had great success with one or two of these methods, but they worked really hard for only a few promising leads.

So what does Successful Lead Generation Look Like?

The only thing I have found that works to bring me quality, qualified leads is the practice of Attraction Marketing.

Now attraction marketing is not new, but so few people know about it that it affords you a great opportunity to learn it, use it, and build your business with it.

Lead generation doesn’t have to be hard when people are calling you and asking to join your opportunity.

The conversation that takes place inside this phone call is completely different than call a lead from a genealogy list. (Which  I don’t recommend)

With so many people going online looking for your product or service, where do you think you should be?

Let me ask you a question:

If I were to recommend a product that was new to you, what is one of the first things you would do?

I am almost positive you would go online and research it. If you were curious enough you would want to learn more about it yourself.

Don’t you think your leads are doing the same thing RIGHT NOW?

Magnetic Sponsoring = Lead Generation

Now you objective is to get in front of these leads and I am pretty sure you are thinking, “Great, but how do I do this?”.

My first step and recommendation, start at the beginning and learn Magnetic Sponsoring.

Stay tuned for tomorrows post… Lead Generation in Action.

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Yours in Gratitude,

Chef Katrina van Oudheusden

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    7 replies to "MLM Hot Topic: Lead Generation"

    • Jordan

      I have tried yard signs, newspaper ads, business cards in books – a few of the ones you mentioned but it is hard work for a few leads. I am intrigued about the idea of attraction marketing and magnetic sponsoring.

      • Katrina

        After years of trying everything, magnetic sponsoring has proven to be the best lead generation tool I have ever used.

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    • Peggy Barnes

      Attraction Marketing…..Magnetic Sponsoring….I’m intrigued. Thanks for your post. Will have to see what comes next!

      • Katrina

        Welcome Peggy! Thank you for taking a moment to comment. It really is intriguing? Are you a network marketer?

    • Jeanne Melanson

      Thank you for your post about lead generation. I am no longer doing network marketing, but I was doing that for about 6 years. Generating leads is an on-going, long-term process. I think you have some great ideas here and that you add value to the industry. All the best to you! Peace.

      • Katrina

        Thank you Jeanne for joining the conversation. I agree, lead generation is a long term process. It is something that is done daily. Wish you all the best in 2014! Do you think you would ever get back into the MLM industry?

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