Lead Generation in Action

Lead Generation in ActionIn my last blog post we talked about Lead Generation and Attraction Marketing. How do you attract leads to your opportunity or business.

So today’s blog post is dedicated to lead generation in action. What does it look like? How does the lead generation system work?

Many of you know that I use the Magnetic Sponsoring system for my lead generation. I have found it to be the easiest and best lead generation tool on the internet.

This system was the first training that introduced me to the concept and action of attraction marketing. I never looked at network marketing the same ever again after this. From this training I also began applying it to small business in the area, so it does apply beyond the internet marketer.

The Lead Generation Action System

1. The Offer
I have seen this applied in many ways. You can have an email capture form on your site. I suggest you have higher value exchange, what are they getting of value for their email address? This has got to benefit them…not you!

I have also see the landing or capture page in play. An example of this can be seen by clicking HERE. This is an example of a high value exchange.

With both of these “Offers” you begin the lead generation process. You now have an email address in exchange for a high value item. Usually it is free and extremely informative.

One reason I like Magnetic Sponsoring is because they create capture pages that convert. I have learned a lot by reviewing and studying these pages.

2. Informative Product/Webinar/PDF/Training
Anyone of these informational products are a great idea for a give-a-way to capture the email address. Now the goal is to capture the email address, so give your audience what would benefit them.

Examples: These 3 examples can be turned into a PDF, Webinar, e-book, etc.

5 Things Travel Agents Wish You Knew
5 Things Your Upline Wish You Knew
5 Things Your Network Opportunity Wish You Knew…..

The universe is the limit on this. Magnetic Sponsoring created an offer for “7 Free Video That Will Show You How To Create Endless Leads for Life”. Now that’s a very compelling training and I would exchange my email for that information.

3. Follow Up
Once you have a leads email…. follow up. I have a confession to make. I was the worst at this. I didn’t follow up with anyone. Scared to death to send back an email or pick up the phone.

But then one day I got on a motivational call for network marketers and the one thing the speaker nailed home was that, if people give you their email or phone number they are giving you permission to contact them.

That was a HUGE breakthrough for me. Holy crap… they’re giving me permission to call them. (Light Bulb!)

For those that are more visual and want to really see this in action, then this video if for you.

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    4 replies to "Lead Generation in Action"

    • Paulette

      You’re so right about having an offer that capture the attention of a potential client. The question is, what to offer?!

      • Katrina

        5 Things Administrative Business Support Wish You Knew. How to relieve 75% of your work stress in just a few hours. Anyone of those can be an offer. What are the struggles your clients had before they came to you? That could be your insight to creating a great offer.
        Thank you so much for stopping by Paulette. Look forward to seeing you here again!

    • You just gave me a great idea! Love this post. There’s a network marketing company I have been drawn to, partly because I love the product, but I wasn’t sure how I would tie it in to the spiritual work I do. But reading this post gave me an idea of how it could. Thx!

      • Katrina

        Hey Jeanine! Glad I was able to give you some insight and direction. Lol! Best of luck and let me know how I can help you on your MLM journey! 🙂

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