Into The Woods ImageAs a newbie network marketer, venturing into the world of online marketing can feel like your are going into the woods.

It can seem scary, confusing, and at times frightening.

Some of my clients have mentioned that they feel like someone is lurking online just trying to scam them.

So trust is a huge part of why people don’t go venturing too far into the woods of online marketing.

Everyone claims they are an expert… (not me of course.. did you read my last post… YIKES!)

Most of the time they aren’t. They are putting on a show because they fall for the “fake it till you make it” speech.

So they make claims and sell you stuff that they aren’t using themselves or had no results with. Just hoping and praying that you get results so that they can now show proof that what they are doing works.

And if you try to contact them either they disappear into the wind… or tell you that you have to do all this work before they will even help you… but the work is what you need help with! OMG, just throw your hands up into the air… cause I can totally relate!

I call these people the slackers of the internet. They want to get paid… but don’t want to walk the talk.

These peeps annoy the piss out of me.

Your Guide Into The Woods…

So at some point you’ll need a guide that takes you into the woods.

For the purpose of this post and for keyword ranking I am going to call the Internet, ‘Into The Woods’.

When you venture into the woods you start on a path. You do a Google search for some help and you happen across a link… and off into the woods you go.

Maybe you are on the way to Grandmother’s house… you purchase a training that you think will help you. So you begin down that path only to meet the big bad wolf.. who presents you with another training and entices you with a “better” way to build your network marketing business.

So you take the detour and begin down that path, totally forgetting the path you were on before.

Next you happen across the scarecrow (totally unrelated for a reason) and he recommends still another way to build your business and it does seem faster and better than what you are currently doing.

Which by the way was nothing because the Big Bad Wolf took your money but never showed you how to use the training that you just purchased from him… *sigh* (this is more common than not, I’ll be honest with you). So you never actually put the training into practice because you didn’t know how…

So further into the woods you go, following more advice and getting more confused and still not seeing your way out of the woods and into any kind of success!

Frustrated and annoyed you are about to give up…

The Hand Up

Into the Woods coachingAnd that is when you find me… your fairy Godmother.  (wearing a chef coat)

Hey… it’s my fairy tale about the internet and network marketing!  LOL!

I am sitting on a small hill talking to a group of my friends that are using the internet successfully to build their business. We are discussing topics like:

– Lead Capture Pages

– Sales Funnels

– Email Marketing

– Traffic Strategies

– Recruiting online and offline

You happen upon us and ease drop in on our conversation. Much of what we say goes over your head and sound very confusing and complicated.

You think to yourself… they are never going to help me. So you try to slink by. But we notice you.

Actually we knew you were there the whole time, we were just waiting for you to introduce yourself.

Now we want to know if you have any questions for us and if we can better serve you to find a path that is better suited for what you want to do with your business.

Honestly we just want to help you navigate your way into the woods so that you find prosperity. We want you to be successful.

My friends and I are want more people to achieve success in their business. So after listening to you, we all glance at each other and silently agree… you are going to need coaching.

Now your first thought is, “I don’t have money for that.”

Because in your mind coaching is expensive… we are talking $5,000+ and that just ain’t going to happen any time soon.

But we just smile and say… for just $27 bucks, the cost of our Attraction Marketing Formula Course,  you can get access to our 10 Day Bootcamp and access to a business coach. No hidden agenda. Just some great training.

Plus not only do you get a certified business coach, (not me… like I said read my last blog post), you also get a 12 step training series to give you clarity and direction with your business. We will give you the road map to find YOUR success into the woods!

I am literally jumping up and down in excitement for you! Oh this is so cool and exciting. 🙂

So if you are ready… Grab Attraction Marketing Formula… and let us provide you with the road map into the woods and beyond!

And because I truly care about you… I also want to give you access to my private mastermind group. Get the extra support you need to follow your dreams. You will find that many of those in my mastermind are just like you!

So grab hold of my hand and let me help you make 2015 your year to succeed. Click Here To Get Started

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Yours in Gratitude,

Chef Katrina van Oudheusden

Chef Katrina







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    12 replies to "Into The Woods…"

    • Brad Chase


      Into The Woods…I went! Wow, such a fun post to read. However I must tell you that this post terrified me as well!

      You made me take a good look at myself…all the things I never applied or put to use over the past 3 years(yikes 3 YEARS!!). In my case, I am really The Big Bad Wolf…I huffed and puffed, put the blame of my own lack of action on ANYTHING but me!

      Into The Woods…of link clicking, Trying to learn everything, taking random detailed notes (which literally fill up over 20 college rule note pads!) Yet what did I fail to do with everything I learned?..Yep, did not share it.

      The Hand Up… Just as you stated, The Fairy Godmother has come along again through this amazing post and gives me the clarity I personally needed to finally start to achieve success in my own business. (FYI…Disclaimer: By referring to you as “The Fairy Godmother” in NO WAY implies of any specific age!) 😉

      You are truly one of a kind Katrina! Thank you!



      • Katrina

        Brad, to be honest, I had a lot of fun writing this post. I think I need to do more posts like this! 🙂 And thank you for the fairy godmother reference. 🙂

    • James Sullivan

      Katrina, Thanks for the well written article, it was inspiring and powerful.

      • Katrina

        Thank you James. I hope I help a few avoid the pitfall of internet marketing. Thank you for stopping by and I hope to see you again. Happy New Year!

    • Jaye Carden

      I have noticed as well a lot of people claiming they “help others find success” and of course seeing all of these “opportunities of a lifetime”. It must be overwhelming for new people to decide on which is best, or who they can believe. You made great points on this post and I am sure with your experience you could help more people than most out there. See you next time!

      • Katrina

        Hi Jay! Welcome back! When I first got started online there were only a couple handful of people really using the internet as network marketers. Now… there are so many new systems, training, lead generation… It is really a traffic jam out there. So having people find you and being able to help them is huge.

        You have an amazing blog and I know that you are building your network marketing team. I look forward to reading more about your success and how you are helping others. Happy New Year my friend!

    • She speaketh the truth! Katrina has been my coach for the last 6 to 8 months now. When I entered the woods for business I wanted to run. Thank heavens Katrina was there to rescue me. So happy to not only be your client but also friend. Thank you.

      • Katrina

        Hey Hilary! Thank you. I am blessed to know you and call you my friend. I can’t wait to see what you do with your blog and business this year! Super excited for you! 🙂

    • Rozanne Ritter

      You are so right Katrina! And you help us every step of the way. Great post!

      • Katrina

        Thank you Rozanne! This post just kinda came to me. Those are fun posts to write! You are an amazing leader and I am so proud of what you accomplished this year. Keep on Blogging and let me know how I can continue to support and help you! Katrina

    • April Sherlock

      Great writing! I’m pretty new to blogging and I can tell you’ve been where I am before. I haven’t even met the wolf yet, hopefully by keeping this information in mind I can totally avoid him!

      • Katrina

        Hi April! I think a lot of the time we don’t know what we don’t know. I have purchased many courses and just never stuck with them. So much of the blame can be laid on myself. But I have to say working with people and having a place to go to ask questions has made a huge difference in how I build my network marketing business.

        Best of luck to you and look forward to seeing more comments from you in the future.

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