Can I use Pinterest for business? If so, how?

This is one of the top questions I’m asked almost daily when people find out that I teach Pinterest marketing and advanced Pinterest ad strategies.

You can make money with Pinterest? Really? How?

It’s actually easier and more direct with Pinterest than most digital media platforms.

Traffic and lead generation are two areas that Pinterest excels in for small business owners. Pinners come to Pinterest to be inspired and to buy. So the question I have for you is… is your business on Pinterest or are you letting your competition lead the way?

Pinterest Interview by Tsombawi Kniby Jr.

Tsombawi (pronounced Som-ba-wi) is an entrepreneur, marketer, and business collaborator. He launched his podcast ‘Frame of Mind Ink’ as a way to interview entrepreneurs from around the world and have them share what is working for them.

For this interview Tsombawi asked me to talk about Pinterest and how I’m using it. Plus what I’m teaching others about how to leverage Pinterest for more traffic, sales, and leads.

In this interview I share one of the biggest, mind-blowing, OMG, that is a Pinterest game changer for my business secrets, that only I talk about and share with my top clients.

Once businesses learn this secret… Pinterest opens up in a way NOBODY thinks about. This is how I’m able to get the best ads and organic reach for my clients. It all begins with this nugget of info.

What’s Missing with Pinterest for Business

What’s is missing is understanding that Pinterest is Visual SEO in action. What does this mean?

Let me break this down into the simple…

  1. SEO – Search Engine Optimization is a marketing technique used by those that want to be found online. It is a way to be found online for certain words, phrases, and brand. Those that use SEO do a lot of keyword research to find what people are looking for.
    • Example: This post is targeting the keyword, “Pinterest for business”. In my search on Answer the Public I search for what topic, words, or phrases people are entering into the search engines to find information about Pinterest. One of top researched longtail key phrases is “Pinterest for business”.
    • Every day people are searching the internet. Our job as business owners is to be marketing 80% of the time to our target market. You can find those people by doing your keyword research.
  2. Visual – We eat and buy with our eyes first. As a chef in the kitchen I see it all the time. If there are pictures on a menu, 80% of the time that is what is ordered. When a plate of food comes to your table the first thing you might say is, “That looks delicious” or “That looks amazing”, then comes in our sense of smell and then taste. You’ve visually eaten before you’ve taken your first bite.
    • Pins on Pinterest should have that same effect. You see what you want first based on your search or scroll criteria that you set. You are attracted to certain colors, phrases, images, etc. Remember this as you start building your pins for your ideal customer and audience.
    • We remember images, brands, people, and logos. So always make sure you have brand consistency on your pins. To learn more about how to create pins that drive traffic, leads, and sales click here.

Pinterest for business makes total sense. As a visual SEO digital marketing space, you can be more direct in your marketing approach. You can test images and brand logos.

With Pinterest your visual brand is what keeps pinners engaged and following you.

Get your business on Pinterest today. You will be glad you did!

Learn more about Pin Ideas and how businesses are using them to grow their Pinterest audience.

If you got value from this post, please share on Pinterest, MeWe, and any of your favorite digital platforms.

Yours in Gratitude,

Chef Katrina

Chef Katrina

    10 replies to "How to Get Started with Pinterest for Business"

    • This does make sense. I may delve more deeply into this.

      • Katrina

        Hey Kate! As a blogger it does make sense to be on Pinterest. Great for traffic and awareness. Let me know if you have any questions. ~ Chef Katrina

    • Angie Vallejo

      Love these tips! Now I can better incorporate my blog graphics for more reach. Thanks!

      • Katrina

        I leverage a tool called WPTasty that improves your image SEO for Pinterest. Highly recommend if you have a WP self hosted site.

    • Samantha

      Hi Katrina, I have a few pins on Pintrest and post some here and there but have not really utilized it the way I should. I enjoyed reading your post and plan to listen to the podcast in a few. Hopefully it will inspire me to learn more and start posting more in other platforms, including Pinterest. Thank you for sharing.

      • Katrina

        Thank you Samantha for taking the time to read my post! The podcast shares a lot of information about Pinterest. Enjoy and let me know if you have any questions. ~Chef Katrina

    • I still haven’t discerned if Pinterest is the right vehicle for my market.

      • Katrina

        Hey Roy! As a content creator and blogger I highly recommend Pinterest as an SEO extension to what you are already doing. Trust me when I say Pinner are looking for all sorts of content and things to buy. ~ Chef Katrina

    • Dominique

      This is great information! I really need to utilize Pinterest more effectively!

      • Katrina

        It’s as simple as sharing your blog to the Pinterest platform. Highly recommend. ~ Chef Katrina

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