At the Chef’s Table, I thought it appropriate to talk about Network Marketing.

It’s one of the biggest home base industries, with hundreds if not thousands flocking to some company every single month.

It has the lowest cost of entry into a business with the biggest promise of income, lifestyle, and opportunity. But can you really build a profitable home business?

That is the question I set out to answer when I invited Karin Angelly to the Chef’s Table. I wanted the truth and straight forward answers.

How does one get started in network marketing? What kind of results can you expect and by when? What are some of the realities of building a home-based business?

Karin gets personal with us about her experience and what has her continue to invest and share a home business opportunity. The conversation might surprise you.

Network Marketing Truth with Karin Angelly

Eavesdrop in on my conversation with network marketing leader Karin Angelly.

She shares what has worked in building a home business, what has been some pitfalls, and the truth about working for a network marketing company.

I think you are going to find our conversation very insightful.

Inside this intimate conversation, we talk about…

  • Network Marketing
  • Branding – specifically Personal Branding
  • Social Media
  • Search Engine Optimization – SEO

The truth be told it does take a lot of work to build a network marketing business. It’s not easy and there are many things that can happen along the way.

But if you are looking to join a home business opportunity always do your research and take responsibility for your actions in building your business.

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Next week join me and Co-Founder of Social Media Pro, Kate Buck Jr as we talk about the future of social media for all businesses.

To connect with Karin and access her number one recommended resource for network marketers…

Thank you for catching the Chef’s Table and we will see you soon!

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Yours in Gratitude,

Chef Katrina

P.S. Network marketing is not an easy busy, put in your time for the next few years. That is what it’s gonna take. Invest in yourself, education, and mindset.

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