I love hosting Chef’s Table interviews because I get to interview rock stars like Kate Buck Jr., Co-Founder of Social Media Pro.

Social Media Pro is a company that has been teaching and training social media managers and social media assistants for over 7 years now. This year they rolled out a certification course so that you can now test and pass a certification course. Giving Social Media Managers proof that they have the skills to rock your business!

Kate Buck Jr. got her start back in the day for a company called Landmark Education that was looking for a way to engage and keep in contact with those that went through their courses.

As Kate explains in this interview, it was a lot of trial and error. Social media was still very new and not every business understood how to use it to grow their business.

Inside this interview at the Chef’s Table, Kate Buck Jr, get real with us on what it takes to build a business and the timeless strategy that businesses should be using to maximize their efforts with online marketing.

Chef’s Table with Kate Buck Jr.

How did this all start?

What should we know about social media? What is the one thing you wish you could go back and change?

Co-Founder, Kate Buck Jr shares with us some of the biggest secrets for using social media. So you might want to grab pen and paper as you eavesdrop in on our conversation.

Social Media Pro

I love what Kate Buck Jr’s company offers for those looking to work from home and create an income. This job is one of the most in-demand jobs and online marketing is not going away any time soon.

With all the platform updates and changes, getting access to this community could be the game-changer for your business.

Learn more about Social Media Pro and the training they provide.

As Kate Buck Jr mentions, I’m also the Pinterest trainer for this amazing company. And I look forward to sharing Pinterest with you inside of their training.

If you got valued from our conversation, please share on your favorite social media site… hopefully Pinterest! ?

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Thank you for joining us today and I look forward to sharing Richard Bretton’s entrepreneurial journey with you next week. 🙂

Yours in Gratitude,

Chef Katrina

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