Are You Marketing on Your Facebook Page the Right Way?

I was sitting down with a friend a while back and we were reviewing their Facebook fan page.

First off I had to commend them for even having a fan/business page as so many business don’t. So major props for that.

So they were showing it to me and it has some awesome pictures and some great quotes and they were all about their business.

I asked her if she had anything on her page about her? Education? Motivation? Self Help? Questions?

And their answer was yes. I said show me….

And that was when reality hit. There was nothing on the page that engaged their audience. It was 100% about their business.

The point is this, social media is meant for engagement. People don’t want to be sold, they want to buy. So tell them a story, engage them, and let them sell themselves on buying your product or service.

Be of Value! (This is so key, it is not even an option)

So how do you become of value? Check out this video. Most business owners have it backwards, some have it just right!

The 80/20 Rule for Marketing on Facebook or any social media platform

It is simple, give 80% value. Share examples, stores, quotes, and howto. 20% should be about your opportunity or product.

People want to engage, so let them! Give them something to comment on or even share. This is creating engagement and Facebook loves engagement. There is true value in that!

To catch the first training part of this video head over to Facebook Marketing.

Yours in Gratitude,
Chef Katrina

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