Can You Blog for Profit?

blog for profitThis was a question that came up today, “Can you blog for profit.”

Blogging is an amazing tool for getting in front of your audience and letting people know what you do. I tell everyone that having a blog is like owning Real Estate online. You know have a home where you can do business out of and it is virtual.

The down side to blogging is that it is not going to make you an instant success overnight unless, maybe, you already have an established brand.

So what you have to remember with blogging is that it is a marathon and no sprint. Take the time to find the right domain name, know your intent with your blog and be willing to do the research.

Yesterday I looked up the definition of a blog and this is what I got. ===> Blog for profit

Wow, so blogging is about writing daily! huh!

This is where I did not succeed with blogging. I would write 4 or 5 posts a month and wonder why I was not getting any traffic to my site. I also struggled with sharing my message because of criticism or negativity, which I have seen gotten over.

Now how do you Blog for Profit

Couple of things you can do….

  1. Do Product review. Review a product and if it has an affiliate link use that as a way to make commission on a product. 
  2. Have a product to sell. Let people know you have a product to sell and give them a way to buy it.
  3. Email Campaign. Have a give-a-way or newsletter for your readers to subscribe to. When they subscribe let them know what to expect. Are you going to email them daily, weekly, bi-weekly? Let them know and stick with it.
  4. Sell ad space on your site. You could make an extra $20-$75 per ad.

Small Reminder – Don’t go crazy! No one like to land on a blog and have to dig through ads to find the content they were there for in the first place.

Here is a video I did on how to profit with blogging.

If you got value out of this blog post share below. Also share if you have any other tips on how to blog for profit.

    6 replies to "Can You Blog for Profit?"

    • Kathy Hadley

      But of course! I’ve helped several friends and acquaintances turn the blog they did for fun into either the second family income or the first.



    • Nicole

      Great tips. I am just starting to get into monetizing my blog. Don’t think I want to go the ad space route as I like my website being ad free, but I’ve been dabbling with product reviews. 🙂

    • Lisa Mallis

      Ahh . . . it’s a marathon not a sprint! Thanks for the reminder! Of course, I want INSTANT success (don’t we all!).

      How often do you suggest selling products on my blog? 1 in 10 posts? 1 in 5 posts? I know there is a fine line between educating and selling – attracting and attacking – and I want to make sure I land on the right side of that line!

      Thanks for your insight!


      • Katrina

        Lisa, I would recommend 1 in 5 posts. You should be selling and those that come to your site will know this and buy IF they also see that you are giving value. Don’t be afraid to ask for the sell or the email address. This is all part of doing business. Let me know if you have any more questions

    • Lianda

      The problem is not just having something to sell, or even have something to optin to, it’s getting TRAFFIC to you blog. Sure, if someone gets there, then it’s great if you have a wonderful product that people want to buy. Too many gurus tell you the same things- provide value, content, etc… But you STILL need people to find you!
      Can you give advice about that?

      • Katrina

        Hey Lianda, I just did a blog post yesterday on driving traffic to your blog. Getting traffic to your blog. Let me know if this helps and if you have any other questions. Yours in gratitude, Chef Katrina

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