Can You Create Purpose with Blogging?

For some blogging seems a bit overwhelming. For others is it just a natural expression of oneself.

Not everyone is cut out to be a blogger but with some help you can find your purpose with blogging.

In the 2nd rule of blogging with purpose you must create authority!

I created this video to show you just how to create authority even if you don’t think you have any. Surprisingly… I know you do.

Blogging with Purpose Rule #2

Create Authority

Now some of you may struggle with this, thinking “but I don’t have any authority”.
You do have authority, let me explain.

Is there something that you are passionate about. If I were to ask you a question on a topic you love to discuss could you teach me or explain it to me? Then you are an authority. If you have study, researched, and applied a skill or knowledge then you have the ability to create an amazing blog.

Authority comes to you in two ways.

  1. Claim it! Let people know that you have a vast amount of knowledge about what you are blogging about. Be consistent in your message and marketing.
  2. Appointed! Socially you have been appointed the expert or Reputation/Legend. So if socially online or offline you are seen as an expert you have been appointed and now you need to go out and share that knowledge. If your reputation/Legend status gives you authority then use that also to build your blog.

Where does Authority lead back to? “Like”

“Like” is what we covered in Blogging with Purpose Rule #1.

One of the great tools at your disposal is social media. You should always use social media to drive traffic, customers, and leads back to your site. Make sure you create an offer for them to opt-in to and begin building your list.

If you are still struggling with the concept of authority my suggestion is to start following blogs by people with influence. Begin commenting on their blogs, offer suggestions, and make sure you are giving value. Share their content with your following and this shows that you are about giving value.

As a bonus ingredient! Make sure you follow the 80/20 rule. Give 80% of value, content, and help. 20% is your offer or product.

Yours in Gratitude,
Chef Katrina

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    • Christy Garrett

      Thank you for sharing these awesome tips, I am working on building an authority site. Hoping I pick up page rank with Google’s new pagerank update in the future.

    • Carla J Gardiner

      Love the way you deliver your message about blogging, Katrina. Thank you for helping me to understand I do possess “authority” in redefining success after 50. Sharing…

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