We are diving into the world of YouTube and how to leverage video for automation and leads.

The training takes place inside of Truth Bomb Marketing

This is an exclusive training that does a deeper dive into YouTube marketing for network marketers.

Today, I’m sharing with you the pro’s and con’s of doing a YouTube Live or YouTube Video upload. Which is better?

YouTube Pro’s and Con’s

In this video I do a quick comparison for the two and who might benefit from live or uploaded.

Who are my perfectionist out there? You might be a fan of YouTube Upload video method.

YouTube Video Upload Pro’s and Con’s

I think you are going to enjoy this little pro and con around uploading video to YouTube.


  • The ability to edit your videos
  • You can do as many video retakes as needed
  • Keyword strategy done before you publish the video
  • Ability to create you thumbnails
  • More time to get your video and checklist for SEO done ‘right’


  • No live engagement

Yeah.. that con list is pretty short. So let’s flip the video script and lead with YouTube Live

YouTube Live Pro’s and Con’s

Laugh out loud, in the video above I share a little secret about YouTube lives, that I’m not gonna post here. It’s a short video, you can do a quick watch.


  • Live engagement with your community
  • Email notifications to your subscribers
  • Create pop up videos or Lives can be schedule
  • Has all the benefits of SEO if you follow the checklist


  • No do over

Honestly… doing any video’s on YouTube has more PRO’s then not. The ability to get found and rank for the top spots on YouTube.

If you are a network marketer learning how to leverage YouTube I believe is a must. It is a smart move and I’m excited to share the YouTube training with you.

Seriously… you should join Truth Bomb Marketing and get access to this amazing training! This is a fun and safe place to learn how to implement YouTube. Ready?

Come join the food fight!

Yours in Gratitude,

Chef Katrina

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