YouTube Epic FailNot sure if you have heard about the YouTube Epic Fail but it has been underway for the past few day.

It has effected 100o’s of YouTube videos and closed down accounts from top industry leaders.

This is a tragic loss for YouTube. Millions of views gone in the blink of an eye because of someone vindictiveness.

The real pisser is that this was targeted. Someone who was unhappy with their lot in life decided to target keywords and leaders. In doing so it affected thousands of YouTube video creators.

Channels were destroyed because someone had a developer create a bot to run a muck through YouTube and flag videos that contained specific keywords.

I, personally know many internet marketers that were affected. Leaders that had channels that provided nothing but education and training. Gone FOREVER.

I wasn’t un-touched. On two different channels I got flagged on 7 different videos. To take action to protect myself I had to remove all my videos from public viewing. This hurts many who are looking for some education and training.

I am not sure to long term outcome of this… but the short term kinda sucks.

Surviving the YouTube Epic Fail

But I am always one to bounce back. In reality this tragic loss didn’t hurt my business at all. I continue to generate leads and build my business.

As many online marketers learned, it is not wise to have all your eggs in one basket. It is best to use different strategies for building your business.

One of the points that keeps getting drilled home is content creation… and my favorite Blogging!

Last night I was asked to chat with a group of online marketers and home based business and share why blogging is so powerful.

I invite you to watch this training… it will surprise many of you.

One of the key points that I make about blogging is that it’s YOUR ONLINE REAL ESTATE.

It’s the one platform you own and because of that, you can become a little bullet proof. You don’t face the downside of being blocked, banned, kicked off, or deleted.

Can I be honest with you for a moment?

You are not completely bullet proof with anything you do online. Hackers, Haters, and Updates will always exist. You never know where it will come from but it is better to be diverse than depend on just one traffic source.

As with many social platforms… that are free. you are subjected to their rules. Owning your own blog… your terms, your business.

This YouTube Epic Fail is no more than a bump in the road for online marketers that understand that having a blog is your home base.

Where Else to Host Video?

There are plenty of other sites that you can use to host your videos. Some free and some paid. You have already seen what happens to free…

  • Vimeo
  • Daily Motion
  • Spike
  • Tudou
  • Joost
  • any many more

Will YouTube recover from this blunder that it made. I honestly don’t know. Could if force a loss of viewers and trust with Google? Who knows….

At the end of the day are you willing to learn how to create and build a blog that you can use for your business?

Take action and get your hands on Blogging Ingredients. Take control of your marketing future.

What was your biggest take-a-way from this post? Please share your comments below.

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Yours in Gratitude,

Chef Katrina van Oudheusden

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    8 replies to "The YouTube Epic Fail"

    • Jaye Carden

      I am full aware of this youtube scandal as I call it. I never would say this, but I do hope it really hurts youtube. I am hoping that an enormous amount of traffic goes to competitors so they will take action to save their business. Youtube is great for marketing, and I hope we can always use it. But they will need to feel some hurt on their own business before they will become concerned with ours. Great article on this big topic lately. However, yes, one of my videos was removed for being falgged, so perhaps I was slightly affected.

      • Katrina

        Jaye, I agree, I still love the YouTube platform and still use it. Heck I even got a few new subscribers. Everything happens for a reason. But like you… I haven’t given up on YouTube as a great marketing tool!

    • Lisa

      Hi Katrina

      Thanks for your timely article. One of my YouTube channels was hit this week. I started receiving emails from YouTube about violations that are unfounded but my videos were flagged anyway.

      I love what you said about blogging. I have a few websites and as a long time blogger, I have always looked at those as an asset that I own forever. Sure there are hiccups with that too when Google makes sweeping changes to their algorithms. But even then, you can leverage social media to drive lots of traffic to your blog.

      Thanks also for the tips on other video sources.

      Have a great day! The strong will survive this!


      • Katrina

        Hi Lisa! Great comment and insight. I love what you said about your blog being an asset. It really is! Don’t discount YouTube altogether but just know that there are other video platforms out there for you to use. 🙂
        Have an anamzing day!

    • Jeff Beeman

      Great input to the current situation. For any body that has been marketing online for any length of time these little hic-ups have occured before and I’m sure they will occur again. Everything from the SEO issues like “Panda” and “Penguin” to You Tube or Facebook constantly changing there program leaving many scratching there head wondering where all there engagement went. The main point I am seeing is that these services are FREE and well… you sometimes get what you pay for. I am also seeing some awesome team work by fellow marketers to find the “work arounds” and educating those that need to better understand what there options are working with these tools we all have come to have a love / hate relationship with.

      • Katrina

        I don’t think we need to stop using YouTube.. It is just a reminder that free traffic doesn’t always stay free. So finding other routes to build and follow up with your prospects is important!
        This just ties in to why I am a huge fan of blogging. And owning your own blogging real estate.

    • Chuck Bartok

      We have encouraged our clients for years to Own Your Own Internet Real Estate. It is OK to rent some but your solid assets are placed on YOUR Property.
      How many have their Videos playing on their sites NOT connected to YouTube
      We know have Cloud access and you can have your Vids and Data on YOUR Home Turf
      Nothing wrong with using the FREE sources, but Be sure to OWN

      • Katrina

        Hi Chuck! Brilliant insight! There are so many ways to protect your traffic sources if you know how and you mentioned some great tools. Thank you for commenting. What is your favorite cloud access for hosting your video?

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