I’m guessing you are here because someone mentioned it to you in a conversation about the Young Entrepreneur Project.

YEPCLIPS is the newest Entrepreneurial education training that just rolled out from the Young Entrepreneur Project.

As entrepreneurs, we know that we don’t know everything. We might have a few gaps in our education when it comes to building our business.

So when I was introduced to the Young Entrepreneur Project (YEP), I joined without a thought. I knew that gaining access to an elite tribe of entrepreneurs would have a positive impact on my business.

And it has. Let me share a little with you.

As an entrepreneur, getting access to top training can be expensive. Plus we don’t always know where to find the training we need.

Many of us, like myself, have to buy courses from a variety of people and sites, leaving us to wonder …

“What did I buy and where the heck is my login information?”

What if you could eliminate that headache and have access to all your entrepreneurial training in one place? What if you could get access to top mentors, influencers, leaders, training… for just a little over $3/day?

Would it be worth it to you?

The Power of YEPCLIPS

As an entrepreneur… tapping into exclusive training is a must. And many of us don’t want to break the bank doing it. I’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars on my educations and access to top-level mentorship and masterminds. Worth every penny… trust me.

Yet what I love about YEPCLIPS is that you finally have access to a million-dollar educational Rolodex that is being unveiled for the first time. Here’s how it works.

The Influencer – Trainer – Mentor – Coach

How would you like to increase your brand equity, get in front of an entrepreneurial audience, and be the hand that guides and trains the next generation of Young Entrepreneurs?

Think of the influence and growth your business would have if you were able to have your training, coaching, mentorship on a Netflix type platform.

Well, it’s here and it’s called YEPCLIPS… And below is a sneak peek at what it looks like… image your training here.

YEP Clip Training of Pinterest

Create Seasons… episodes and so much more. This is where you get to shine! If you are an influencer, mentor, coaching, trainer, designer, nutritionist, blogger, website creator, email expert, online marketers, podcasters, financial, business organization… We are looking for you!

Entrepreneurs – Small Business Owners – Solopreneurs

For the first time, get access to training and mentorship that you can use in your business. Plus have the added benefit of having it all in one place. No more searching for logins or folders for the downloads you saved.

Now, everything you need to grow and scale your business can be found in YEPCLIPS… well almost everything.

As part of the Young Entrepreneur Project, YEPCLIPS is ever-evolving and growing. It expands as new leaders add content that supports the entrepreneurial community.

In-Person – YEP Local

These events are to bring to life what you are learning inside the YEPCLIPS and the other two pillars that are part of the Young Entrepreneur Project.

One of the most valuable resources we have as entrepreneurs is each other. We sharpen each other when we come together to network, exchange ideas, ask questions, and build relationships.

In a world that is dealing with social isolation, now is the time to reconnect in person. It’s time to step out from behind the computer and the zoom calls. Let’s sit down together at a YEP Local.

Click here to learn if there is a YEP Local near you!

I’m excited to be building a YEP Local in Dawsonville & Atlanta and if you are in the area would love to see you attend one. ?

To wrap this all up… YEPCLIPS might be a tool you use to grow your business. The choice is up to you.

As a founding member, I invite you to take a tour and review the information for yourself. Poke around the website, watch the videos, and see what package best works for your business.

All it takes is just 3 minutes…

This is a business opportunity. This is education and resources to support you in growing your business. If this project can help you achieve your goals faster… jump in where you fit in!

If you have more questions, comment below. I look forward to hearing from you.

In my next blog post, I’ll be talking about the 2nd Pillar of the Young Entrepreneur Project and how to use that to scale your business.

I firmly believe that 2020 will be the biggest rise in entrepreneurs and new business! Are you ready to be part of this legacy project?

Yours in Gratitude,

Chef Katrina

Chef Katrina

P.S. As an entrepreneur building your business is about accessing top training, resources, and building income streams without breaking the bankā€¦ learn about a project that is impacting the entrepreneurial world for the better.