I think each of us would say YEP To Freedom.

The freedom to create a laptop lifestyle. The freedom of financial independence. The freedom to live life on our own terms.

Today I want to have a straight conversation about being an entrepreneur because I think it is important with all that is going on in our world right now. From working from home to creating a side hustle, our lives are different.

There is no going back to the way things were before March 13th, 2020 when all international flights were banned and we started to see the first wave of the recommendation to shelter in place.

For the first time in history, every business around the world was impacted and had to pivot. The pivot was to a world of less contact and digital business.

More people and businesses discovered that they could have employees work from home and the company would survive.

And many more discovered that they they needed a side business. That relying on solely on a job might not make the most financial sense.

First the first time in years my business skyrocketed overnight. The need for digital marketing and Pinterest marketing became a demand. I’m fortunate enough that I was in a position that I could keep working and building my customer and client base.

While I’m excited for this boom… I really want this for every entrepreneur.

Which is why when I found out about this YEP to Freedom Challenge.. I had to share. I want to give this opportunity to launch and grow a business to every entrepreneur around the world.

The YEP to Freedom challenge is all about you and your business.

…and the best part is that it’s free to join this challenge!

This training includes…

Day 1: You’ll learn the tricks to controlling your schedule and creating habits to lay the foundation for your life of freedom

Day 2: Creating an Unfair Advantage Over Your Competition. Having you get more leads and sales with this simple strategy.

Day 3: The Exact blueprint that will reprogram your way of thinking to take you from struggling business owner or under-appreciated employee to a thriving business owner

Day 4: Learn the closely guarded strategy of implementing incentive-based marketing to up your social media marketing efforts and stand apart from your competitors. We’ll even show you the secret to doing so with no extra out of pocket expense!

Day 5: Attract more leads and close more sales by using this simple formula to identify your ideal customer and how to target them; become the Hunted instead of the Hunter.

Plus AMAZING bonuses that you just have to see for yourself.

On top of this… I’m doing a LIVE bonus training for Pinterest. I’m going to show you how to leverage your Pinterest Profile account to get more exposure on the Pinterest platform.

Plus you will get exclusive access to our private YEP to Freedom Challenge group where you will have tons of support and accountability with me!

I’m doing this challenge with you because I know how powerful it can be to do a YEP to Freedom Challenge with a group of people.

Together we will talk about what’s working, how to implement what we are learning, and support each other on this challenge!

In this video, I walk you through how to get signed up for this challenge today! Plus a sneak peek! I promise… It will be business changing!

Over the years I know that being part of a challenge can propel my business forward. From blog challenges, video challenges, and now a business challenge… I know there is something I can learn from any challenge that might make a significant difference in my business.

Saying YEP to this YEP to Freedom challenge might be just what you are looking for. Plus there are some amazing fast action bonus that can can start working on to improve your business and create that laptop lifestyle you have been wanting.

YEP to Freedom Fast Action Bonuses include…

  1. Overcome the Fear of doing Live Videos ($97 Value)
  2. Guide to Setting Income Goals & Consistency ($27 Value)
  3. Underdog Advantage by Dean Graziosi ($19.97 Value)
  4. 3 Day 2 Night Family Fun Vacation – Free ($298 Value)
  5. How to Leverage Social Media to LAUNCH your Business even if you are already in business… this is powerful! ($97 value)
  6. Facebook Mastery Class ($497 value)

And so much more. YEP To Freedom is for entrepreneurs that want to leverage a system and use this Challenge to level up their business. If this is you… then join today for Free

Those that join the YEP to Freedom 5 Day Challenge are going to get pushed to expand what they know and be accountable.

I love doing challenges with people… so I’m inviting you to do this challenge with me. Join me someone that has been doing online marketing for almost 10 years and I’m more excited about this challenge than about all the other challenges I’ve been in before. Because I know this one will have a massive impact on my business.

Learn how to become a Freedom Maker in your business.

Let’s do this together! I’ve said YEP to my freedom… will you?

Share your comments about your favorite challenges and if you are up to have a business breakthrough this month in your business.

See you inside the YEP to Freedom Challenge!

Yours in Gratitude,

Chef Katina

P.S. your biggest business breakthrough might be one challenge away.

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    • Myriam Lambrighs

      YEP to freedom challenge

    • Martha

      Sounds like an interested challenge but I’m set with things. I share your post with others though.

    • Interesting thoughts. I will consider.

      • Katrina

        It’s a good challenge for any business. Always learning something new and an opportunity to meet new people. 🙂

    • Jeanine Byers

      Just joined. Looking forward to being a part of it!

      • Katrina

        Looking forward to having you in the challenge with me! This is gonna be fun!

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