What is YEP? It is the Young Entrepreneur Project at its core and so much more. From training to incentives to refer and earn, this is the complete entrepreneur tribe for any business.

What has me be so confident that any and every business would benefit from some aspect of the Young Entrepreneur Project, YEP?

I’m so glad you asked that question.

First off let me state that YEP is NOT a network marketing opportunity. We are an elite group of entrepreneurs that are providing three pillars of service to the entrepreneurial community.

For any business to thrive they need both customers and to make a profit. Would you agree?

What are some of the biggest struggles we all face as entrepreneurs?

  • Lead Generation
  • Customer Retention
  • Ongoing Actionable Training Relevant to Business
  • How to Create another stream of income
  • How to increase profits
  • How to gain more traffic and exposure for brand/business

All of these impact whether or not we stay in business or turn a profit.

So when I was introduced to YEP, I said YEP before I knew what I was saying YEP too. I just knew that if it fulfilled on the promise of helping me solve these issues above, I was in.

How Does YEP Fulfill on Promise?

YEP fulfills on its promise by providing three pillars of strength and growth. It provided for a community of entrepreneurs the tools and resources they need to grow and scale any business without breaking the bank.

YEP Pillar 1

Provide actionable ongoing training for entrepreneurs. How does YEP do this, by creating the first-ever YEPCLIPS. A ‘Netflix’ type platform for delivering on-demand training for entrepreneurs.


Giving you access to business education from business leaders all over the world. They are sharing exclusive training and education that you won’t find anywhere else. From wellness, mindset, business growth, social media marketing, and more. This is where elite entrepreneurs get trained.

If you are a trainer and want more exposure for your brand/business, YEPCLIPS provides an amazing opportunity to gain mass exposure. There are some requirements to get featured on YEPCLIPS, and if you want to know what they are, comment below.

Now, not only access on-demand training but plug into your YEP Locals. These are monthly ongoing local training for those that join the YEP tribe. Here you will be able to network with other entrepreneurs and discuss the lastest training and topics that are impacting your business.

YEP Pillar 2

Getting new customers and retaining them is an ongoing problem for almost every business. How do you reach more people? How to you appreciate them?

This is where YEP is leading the way. With high-end travel certificates that you can give away, you now have an unlimited resource to scale your business, from

  • Give-a-ways
  • Thank/Appreciate
  • Birthdays
  • Closing a Deal/Home/Contract
  • Door Prizes
  • and so much more

These travel certificates allow you to lead with gratitude, something I think every business should be doing. Some of these travel certificates carry a value of over $5,000 that you can just give-a-way. ??

YEP Travel Incentive with Packages

Plus as a member of this amazing project, you will have access to a premier discount travel platform. Saving you and your business even more money on travel and creating that laptop lifestyle. Consider this an awesome perk!

YEP Pillar 3

The one thing I hear over and over again when I talk to high-level business owners is they always say, “Have multiple streams of income coming in”. Look to leverage tools and systems that integrate into your business and provide an extra income stream.

With YEP you have the ability to refer and earn with this system. How many entrepreneurs do you know that would benefit from ongoing business training, unlimited high-end travel certificates to give away and earn an extra income stream?

Joining the YEP Tribe

One of the things I love about YEP is that it is built by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. Meaning, we know the startup struggle of building a business. We also are aware of the cost of doing business.

So getting started is cost-effective and affordable. I know for a fact that much of the training and resources inside this system could cost over $3,000.00/each if you were to purchase them on your own. But you won’t ever spend that much.

What if you could get started for at little at $147 to access all three pillars. Would it be worth it to you? Your business.

To learn more about YEP and how you can join this elite tribe of entrepreneurs, just click here. You will be taken to a page where just by opting in you will have the experience of receiving one of our top-end travel certificates.

Then poke around and watch a few short videos on how YEP works. If it is something that interests you, join in. If not, at least you’ve got the ability to plan your next vacation! It’s a win-win.

If you got value from this post, or know of anyone that might benefit from YEP, please share on your favorite social media site.

Yours in Gratitude,

Chef Katrina

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What is YEP

YEP stands for the Young Entrepreneur Project. A company that provides education, training, travel incentives and the opportunity to refer and earn.