As with any 90 Day Challenge, there is the opportunity to change your life if and when done correctly.

Over the last 8 years, I’ve hosted and participated in many different types of challenges, geared to getting one’s butt into action and producing results.

What I love about the YEP Challenge is that it is both a challenge for myself and an opportunity to really impact those in the entrepreneurial community.

What makes this YEP (Young Entrepreneur Project) different for me is that I get to focus on sharing the tools that YEP has to offer.

  1. Result Based Training – Access the YEPCLIPS vault of entrepreneurial training. I’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars over the years on training and education. What I’ve learned from YEP so far has exceeded what I’ve gotten from most of those courses.
  2. Leveraging Incentive Marketing – Learn how to leverage the high-end incentive offers that are part of the Young Entrepreneur Project. Never have I had access to give away an unlimited amount of incentives without costing me a dime. No cost out of pocket and I get to help people create priceless experiences and memories. (we don’t sell a thing, we just give it away)
  3. Lifestyle – We all have in mind the way we want to live our lives. From travel to quitting our job, the ability to really create that is priceless. Some of us want a laptop lifestyle, other the ability to travel with family and friends. Whatever it is, there is something here for you at YEP.
  4. Refer/Earn – There isn’t a single entrepreneur in the world today that wouldn’t benefit from training and learning how to leverage a free incentive program. Why wouldn’t you share it with others if you knew it could support them in their business. Shouldn’t they be able to make that business decision for themselves?

Four Key Ingredients to Completing a 90 Day Challenge

There are four must-have ingredients if you want results because of your participation in any challenge.

I break down everything for you inside this 90 Day Challenge for the Young Entrepreneur Project video. ??

4. Pain & Reward – What is the pain that is going to drive you forward. What will you have to do if you choose to quit the challenge and you don’t reach your goal? What is the reward you are going to give yourself or your family for have reached your goals and completing the challenge?

3. Tracking – How are you tracking and accounting for your daily, weekly, and monthly actions? Who are you accountable to?

2. Income Producing Activities – What are the daily activities you are taking to produce the results you want to achieve inside your 90 day challenge?

1. Vision/Goal/Purpose – What do you want to achieve out of doing this 90 day challenge? Is it financial? Is it a lifestyle change? What is it that you want to accomplish?

If you miss any of these key ingredients when setting up a 90 day challenge you might be shooting yourself in the virtual foot. It’s important to have all of the elements if you want to complete and win your 90 day challenge.

The YEP Challenge Done For You

Over the last few weeks I’ve been working with a small group of entrepreneurs to create and launch the first ever YEP 90 Day Challenge.

If you watched or read the details of the 90 day challenge above you might be thinking… How do I even begin to put all this together?

I’ve got good news… All the work is done for you when you join me on this YEP 90 Day Challenge.

We already created everything for you – all you have to do is plugin.

  • Goal/Purpose Sheet – Fill it out and begin to realize your vision
  • Income Producing Activities – We lay out the activities required to support you in reaching your 90 day goals.
  • Accountability Tracker – You get both an accountability partner and a way to report your daily activities to an entrepreneurial group that is supporting you during this entire 90 days.

My team and I have already done all the heavy lifting… now it’s time to see if you are ready to make a life altering change to your life.

Do you want…

  • Financial Freedom?
  • Retire from your Job?
  • Laptop Lifestyle?
  • Scale Your Online Business?
  • Generate More Clients?

Join the fastest growing international tribe of entrepreneurs! Now is your time and NOW you have the team to support you!

And get plugged into this 90-day challenge. Are you ready to refer and earn your way to a better financial future for yourself and your business?

I look forward to supporting you inside this 90 day challenge and watching your business grow! Let’s do this together!

Yours in Gratitude,

Chef Katrina

Chef Katrina

P.S. My outcome for this 90 day YEP Challenge?

Support 400 entrepreneurs in growing their business and have them create another residual income stream with ease. Unless you already have too much business and make too much money…