leadsWhy getting leads are worthless to your business… unless you know how to convert them into paying customers.

A real struggle that many of us face in the world of online marketing.

We can buy course after course on how to generate 100’s if not 1000’s of leads but what good are leads if they don’t convert?

This is a question that has come up over and over again. One of the biggest frustrations most marketers have.

So what is the real secret to getting a lead to buy? What are the magic words?

Honestly, I feel like I am back in my first MLM training meeting. “What did you say to get them to sign up?” “What did the ad look like?”

…. and the questions go on and on and on…..

So let me tell you a tale of two online marketers.

The Marketer That Got Leads

This online marketer is amazing, let’s call him Sam.

So Sam is really good at creating content to get him leads. He can generate 5-10 leads a day because of the content he writes in his blog.

Sam doesn’t send a dime on paid advertising, just focuses in on his niche markets and blogs to them. Pretty smart guy!

But Sam is struggling. He has tons of leads but few, if any are converting.

He is sending them to a great affiliate offer that can help them. They are opting in but no dough.

So what is Sam missing. What is the magic that will turn these thousands of leads into fans and buyers?

How does he convert a lead into a customer?

The Marketer That Got Leads and Sales

Another amazing online marketer, let’s call her Sara.

Sara is also really good at creating content. Most of her leads also come from blogging. She averages about 1-2 leads a day.

Sara is actually having a small amount of success. She has recruited about 5 new distributors this year into her MLM.

She is also promoting an affiliate offer and getting conversions. Helping her create a 4-figure residual income.

So what is Sara doing? How is she able to convert a lead into a customer, almost effortlessly?

How To Convert a Lead Into A Customer

What I am about to reveal is the secret to getting more conversions. So pay attention.

A server, Karen, comes to your table and welcomes you to her restaurant. She is smiling and happy to be there.

She recommends a couple of items on the menu, telling you that they are her favorite and giving a vivid description why.

She is your trusted adviser…

By the time she is done describing the 3 dishes, you feel your mouth watering and are ready to place your order.

Karen is prompt in refilling your drinks, and following up with you through out the meal.

Karen is focused on giving you the best customer experience possible. She wants you to enjoy your meal.

Now Karen doesn’t own the restaurant. Her minimum wage is $2.75 /hour. She is dependent on her tips to pay her bills.

She knows that the only way she is going to make any money is by serving her guests.

The better job she does in serving them, the better her tip, and she may have helped create a return customer.

The Take Away

A lead has already told you that they were interested in your product. They literally walked into your restaurant.

Now it is up to you to provide the customer experience.

That experience will either guide them or repel them.

That is how you turn a lead into a customer.

Have you ever refused to go back to a restaurant because the service was bad?

The only difference between the online marketers Sam and Sara is the service. Both have the same affiliate company, both have the same opportunity… but only one is making the sale.

The Secret…. focus on the customer experience.

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Yours in Gratitude,

Chef Katrina van Oudheusden

Chef Katrina







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    • Jaye Carden

      Great point made, I was just talking with a lead of mine this past week about this. I am glad you brought it up, and explained it well using the server description. You are “serving” your guests well Katrina!

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