leads don't always mean salesWhy leads don’t always mean sales…..

Online we are told that leads and traffic are the lifeblood of any business. This is extremely true for network marketing in particular.

I have joined one of the best lead generation system found online called Elite Marketing Pro, and part of our training includes having a business coach and training on how to generate leads.

So right now I see a lot of people learning the foundation of creating and driving traffic. Knowing your target audience is key.

With Elite Marketing we have a leader board which includes both leads and sales.

What is interesting is that they don’t match. Meaning those that have the most leads are not always showing up on the sales leader board.

Why not? What is the missing link? Why leads don’t always mean sales.

So I want to share some insight… because this doesn’t just happen in Elite Marketing Pro… it happens on all lead generation system.

Heck, I have never made it on the leader board for leads… but I have been rank #1 for sales. How is that possible?

EMP Sales Leader Board

Leads Don’t Always Mean Sales Unless…

…There is follow up.

Follow up has to be the biggest factor in converting a lead into a sale. No follow up and you might as well throw money into the fire and sit on your coach for days on end doing nothing.

Some interesting stats…

Follow up with Leads


Kinda eye opening and jaw dropping at the same time. This is why leads don’t always mean sales.

All too often people don’t follow up. 48% NEVER follow up with a prospect. 80% of sales are made on the fifth to twelfth contact!

People are leaving money on the table every day and don’t even know it.

One of the reasons I joined Elite Marketing Pro is because they follow up for as long as the lead stays on their email list. We are talking years that they are continuing to marketing for you.

And if you are a VIP member… they will even call your leads when they purchase. How cool is that?

But don’t expect EMP to do all the work… because people like working with people just like them, meaning….

The Money Is In The Follow Up

More true now than ever before. But it’s not just any follow up… it’s personal.

The network marketers that have the highest success add value to their follow up. They personalize it.

They make it about their prospect. They share their struggles and their wins. They paint a future. They provide tools to help their team.

No two people build their business the same way. Everyone always has a slightly different approach. Why? Because they are different.

But the foundation of marketing never changes.

  • Find your niche
  • Drive traffic
  • Capture Page
  • Email
  • Follow up

These basics apply to any business, anywhere in the world. Want to take it one step further? Get them on the phone or meet in person.

A lead is just a lead until you make it about them. That is when a lead can become a sale.

Be prepared to follow up for the long haul. I have had leads that followed me for over a year before deciding to join me or buy from me.

Consistency is key… show up every day inside their world.

Leads don’t always mean sales until you decide to make that lead feel like a valued person. Remember behind every dollar spent is a person. Take care of them, and they will pay you for life.

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Chef Katrina van Oudheusden

Chef Katrina


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