Why 90% of Network Marketers Fail in Their First Year

Network MarketersHave you ever wondered why so many Network Marketers fail within their first year of being in the biz?

It’s really not their fault why they are failing. Network Marketers are failing because they are never told the truth.

That’s right… 90% of network marketers are told lies about their MLM. I am here to expose the truth… but it many not be what you think.

The truths that I am about to reveal are the truths that I have read about, learned about, and even seen in action. My leaders and mentors have shown me why there is such a high failure rate. And it really isn’t your fault that you are failing.

There are some major factors that need to be addressed right from the beginning.

  • Network Marketing is hard work. PERIOD!

I have yet to meet a successful marketer that didn’t say that it was hard. The top MLM leaders will tell you that they busted their butt to get where they are. This illusion that network marketing is a get rich scheme is a bunch of crap!
If you want success you have to work for it. You have to call leads. You have to talk to people. You have to get generating leads!

  • You have to invest in YOURSELF

You have so many fears, illusions, and poor mindset, that the real person that is keeping you from success is you. The excuses you make on why you can’t call someone, or even mention it on social media are all you. So invest in your self education. If you want to know where to get started I recommend this book… Magnetic Sponsoring.
I would say that this is mandatory reading for anyone that becomes or is already a network marketer.
You are the biggest asset to your business, so invest in yourself.

  • 90% of Network Marketers Know NOTHING about marketing

The biggest setback for all network marketers is marketing. We are afraid to ask for the sale (I know I struggled with this). We know jack about branding and building a business.
The most successful Network Marketers that I know and trust build THEIR brand. They brand themselves as a leader, training, and someone that can help people be successful at network marketing. Would you like to know a few of my favorite Network Marketing Leaders? In no particular order….

Ray Higdon – Brilliant MLM marketer. I recommend following him
Tim Erway – CEO of Magnetic Sponsoring (Mentor)
Michelle Pescosilido – Facebook Queen. I have learned tons of Marketing Skills from her for Facebook. Amazing!
Brian Finale – Creator of My Lead System Pro

There are many more but I don’t want to overwhelm you. The one thing that Brian said to me was… find the leader that resonates with you and follow them. Learn from them and put blinders on to all other leaders.

This advice was priceless. Because of it, I am more focused and I stopped buying every new system, training, and coaching on the market. I focused and that difference allowed me to create success.

I retired on May 1, 2013 and since then have launched my own blogging course called Blogging Ingredients. I even created an affiliate program for all my students taking this course. Now they make money and basically get this course for free!

I am still generating leads and recruiting for my Reliv network marketing biz.

So why do so many network marketers fail in their first year. They are given a false sense of success and no one is teaching them how to marketing themselves.

If you are ready to break this mold and finally get the training and success that you have been dreaming about. I have two options for you.

1. Blogging Ingredients – master the art of blogging, branding, and social media

2. Join me in Reliv and get your hands on Blogging Ingredients for free. This is at $1,143 value.

If you got value out of this blog… share it with your peeps! Give them the chance to learn how to create success.

Share with me your biggest struggle in network marketing by commenting below. I value your input!

Yours in Gratitude,

Chef Katrina van Oudheusden

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