What's Working Now OnlineWhat’s working now online? That’s a question that comes up often in my masterminds and around the internet.

As a network marketer, one of our goals is to reach more people and generate an endless supply of leads.

Leads are the life blood of the network marketer. No leads… no business… no money.

But if you are like me, you get bombarded with new offers every day, each claiming to be the faster and better way to build your business.

It can seem so confusing and overwhelming, that most of us just stop in our tracks and don’t do anything.

Have you ever had analyzes paralysis? Where you are studying so much and have ingested so much information that you don’t do anything with it?

Shyly I raise my hand…. guilty!

So back to the question at hand… What’s working now? What strategy are network marketers using right now to get results?

What’s Working Now Truth…

What I am about to say may shock you. Heck, it has had a few of my students back up…

As I mention in the video, what’s working now online… is you.

Every day a guru claims a new social media platform is the better way to build your business. He or she is right. Every time Facebook makes a change to their advertising platform is a great way for the guru’s to promote their “Updated Product” and share new stories of how people are having success with it.

Twitter has been around for years and I still see gurus promoting a new way to build your business with Twitter.

What you have to do is not be distracted by all the new training and focus in on one method, one training.

If you want to drive traffic with Facebook, then grab Michelle Pescosolido’s, Social Media Mastery, one of the most complete Facebook training’s I have ever come across. To this day I still go back and reference this course. It is that good and timeless.

And the cheat sheets that are right next to my computer for creating Facebook ads are another recommendation of mine. These Facebook Cheat Sheets are free and pure gold.

Interested in Video Marketing… then grab the free training for a Simple Video Script… it will teach you how to create videos to generate leads.

But again… my word of caution. Choose one what’s working now method, put on blinders and apply the teaching until you get results.

You will have ups and downs. You will make mistakes. And if you are using paid advertising, you may lose some money.

But if you look at the guru’s you are following, they will tell you, they all started with ONE traffic method. Got so good, that they began to teach it and that is how you know about them today.

What’s Working Now Publication

I also mentioned in my video that there is an amazing publication called What’s Working Now. What I love about this monthly publication is that it keeps you up to date on what you need to know.

As a blogger, I look forward to Ty Tribbles secrets on how to improve my blog. I get tips on content, opt-in placement, blog reviews, SEO training, and so much more. The training inside What’s Working Now has changed how I do business.

It gave me a confidence and a strategy to work on each month.

You will also find training on Facebook, Part Time Marketer, Mindset, Recruiting, Recommended Resources, and so much more.

There is a lot of great training out there right now on the internet. What’s Working Now is not about a marketing strategy, it’s about YOU mastering one lead generating traffic strategy.

Master this and your world will open up in a why you never imaged.

It begins with you. Find what’s working now for you and focus on it. Learn, Apply, and Teach.

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Yours in Gratitude,

Chef Katrina van Oudheusden

Chef Katrina







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    • Ruthanne

      I absolutely LOVE the What’s Working Now publication. It is packed full of helpful advice. I second your recommendation!

      • Katrina

        Hey Ruthanne! It is one of my favorites and I read it cover to cover every month! What section do you like best?

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