Blog Page vs. Blog PostDo you know the difference between a blog page and a blog post?

For most bloggers that are starting out this can be a bit confusing. Which do you use and why?

What I am sharing with you today is a back office look at a WordPress self hosted blog.

For those that are looking to build their business online, I am a huge advocate of getting you to own your own website.

The reasons are extensive but go beyond the scope of today’s training.

So lets take a look at the difference between a blog page and a blog post.

Blog Page and a Blog Post

What’s the difference and should you care?

Honestly, I have found the video gives you the best vantage point of pointing out the difference between a blog page and a blog post.

But I will do my best for my readers to share a quick overview of what I share in the video.

Blog Page

Typically you use a blog page for your static copy. Content that you want on your site but not in your blog feed.

These pages tend to be seen as:

  • About Me Page
  • Landing Page
  • Optin Page
  • Resource Page
  • Products
  • Opportunity

You can add this pages to your menu bar as information you want your readers to have easy access to and not have to dig through all your blog posts.

Blog Post

These are your articles. Example would be what you are reading right now. This was created under a blog post.

A blog post shows up in your blog feed and on your blog. Content is listed on your blog feed from new to old.

I show you what this looks like in the video.

If you are “blogging” then you want to be create blog post daily.

Do You Know The Difference?

Do you now have a better understanding of a blog page and a blog post?

When I first began blogging, I struggled to find information about blogging. There were time when I spent hours trying to find the answer to simple questions like how do you insert a widget? Where  does the header go? How should a blog post look? Where do I find capture forms for email optins.

I spent years trying to figure it all out. I bought a lot of blogging courses, both online and offline. And at the end of the day, I took the best of all the training I got, created 5 minute videos to teach what I learned and create my Blogging Ingredients course. I made it time friend and easy to reference.

I also realized that you are going to have questions about the blogging course and blogging questions in general, so I added the bonus of live week Q&A hangouts. Your opportunity to pick my brain for 1 hour each week to help you master the world of blogging.

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Yours in Gratitude,

Chef Katrina van Oudheusden

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    2 replies to "What’s The Difference Between A Blog Page and a Blog Post?"

    • Jaye Carden

      Thanks for explaining the difference between the two. I may of been the worse at saying the wrong term for my blog, I call it blog post on all of it. Now I know what to say and will be very careful with it! Enjoyed it again, look forward to the next!

      • Katrina

        I just know I was lost and confused about this also. So I thought I would shed some light on the issue. 🙂 Blog page is even great for creating membership sites.

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