Truth Bomb Marketing is my loud and proud dislike of the half-truths and outdated marketing information that is being spewed across the internet.

I saw a line the other day in a sales copy ad that made me laugh. It highlighted exactly what I’m talking about.

Overnight gurus (who were Clubhouse experts months ago, Bitcoin experts weeks ago, and now turned Marketing experts are spewing out random advice that has never stood the test of time and just doesn’t work.

The sad part is that it is true.

2020 sent almost everyone home. Many lost their jobs and the reality of ‘job security flew out the window.

A new reality started to emerge in the world of digital media… People flocked to the internet wanting to learn how to be their own boss. How to control their income. How to build an online business.

For the first time in decades, people were using the internet to buy everything they needed. From groceries to cars, everything is just one click away. People are buying.

There was an explosion in app development and digital wallets. Now you can purchase anything with a tap of your card or phone. Welcome to the new world of buying and selling.

Almost overnight anyone that could prove a result… was selling. There are so many half-truths and outdated digital marketing information on the internet. How do you know who to trust? Heck… should you even trust me to be telling you the truth… or is this just my point of view?

Maybe I am wrong… But what if I am right?

Truth Bomb Marketing Foundation

Yes, it is true that you can build a four, five, six, seven, eight, and even nine-figure business leveraging the world of digital media. But it’s not just media that you need.

It’s YOU.

You are the start of this journey. The creator of your business and how you want it to be. You always have the choice of what to build and where to be seen.

It begins with You.

What changed in 2020 is forcing a more authentic marketing strategy.

That is what you will learn in my video today. It’s time I revealed the Truth Bomb Marketing to you!

How to Connect With Your Buyers

Can I be honest with you… The truth isn’t always easy to come by. My perception of marketing has changed quite a bit over the last decade. I went from knowing nothing to knowing a little bit more.

While the psychology of marketing hasn’t changed much over the decades. The methods and tactics certainly have. We went from offline marketing to online marketing… and for many of us including myself we are still figuring our way through this new world of digital marketing.

As a marketer and business owner where is your audience? How do you reach them? What do they respond to?

  • Email
  • SMS (text message)
  • Messenger
  • Social media
  • Blog/Website
  • Video
  • Audio – Podcast, Clubhouse
  • Networking Events
  • FB Groups
  • Community Apps

… and this is just the tip of the digital marketing iceberg. There is so much to marketing. We haven’t even touched on the in-person marketing or the emergence of the mailbox marketing that is coming back full force.

The best thing you can do is stand out and to do that you have to be your most authentic self. Who you are right now.

If you are reading my blog… you probably have begun to develop a skill set that you can teach someone. I’m almost positive that you have something to teach or share. You are this far into your life… trust me when I say you have value.

Three Digital Marketing Ingredients

I’m building Truth Bomb Marketing Mentorship around three strategic and timeless strategies that have proven profitable for thousands that take on this truth and STOP with the shortcuts.

Everyone wants a quick fix in the digital world. Many want to shortcut the marketing process, but time is relentless. Time is the defining factor. Take the time to build the foundation of your business.

That foundation begins with your website and I built Blog Ingredients to give you every unfair advantage in the digital world of 2021. This is everything I’ve learned and continue to learn about blogging. I’ve invested tens of thousands in my education and I’m taking that knowledge and passing it along to you.

There are three ingredients to focus on in 2022 and beyond…

  • Build and SEO your Website – Blog weekly
  • Create Snackable Digital Courses – Sell, Sell, Sell
  • Funnels – Create ways to engage your customer in their buying process
  • Bonus: Host your own community OFF social media

Now is the time to leverage your time and money… Start with a strong foundation and watch your business begin to soar. There are no shortcuts when it comes to building your brand and the foundation of your company.

Get started today with my Blog Ingredients course.

I’m curious… did you get value from today’s post? If so, please share on Pinterest, Twitter, and the media platforms of your choice. I appreciate you taking the time to read my post on What is Truth Bomb Marketing. I look forward to seeing you on this journey.

Yours in Gratitude,

Chef Katrina

Chef Katrina

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    • joan

      I’ve learened a lot. Will definitely apply it in my brand.

    • Karyn Mahoney

      This course has given me the confidence to go ahead and just do it. Easy to follow steps that miss nothing out. Support to ask questions and more. I am so excited about what this will do for my brand.

      • Katrina

        I love seeing you on the court building your business and growing your influence. Thank you for choosing to invest in blog ingredients. 🙂 To your success.

    • Heidi Albertson

      I love this direction you have taken and are sharing with us. I love learning new skills and not getting sucked into the scroll hole of wasted time. I secretly learned from you for a year so glad to have connected and get to learn directly from you!!!

    • Jeff Beeman

      So excited that you took this path with your training amd coaching!

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