So what is Truth Bomb Marketing? Is it a community? Is it training? What exactly is it?

Hey there, as the CEO and Founder of Truth Bomb Marketing this question has come up quite a bit.

Of course as the owner I want to tell you everything about Truth Bomb Marketing… but the story is really about you.

What is Truth Bomb Marketing to you?

How long have you been online? Are you still struggling to generate leads on autopilot? Does the idea of cold prospecting on Facebook or LinkedIn repel you? Meaning you are thinking…

“I’m exhausted from creating all these fake relationships, I just want people to join my company!”

“I feel so salesy when I talk to people. I hate it!”

Trying to keep track of all these freaking messages!!! Ugh I just want to pull my hair out!”

To be honest with you, most social media postings and conversations are fake. People don’t want to be your friend, they want you to buy or get involved in something. Everyone is selling on social media. The only ones that aren’t are possibly your family and closest friends.

So my question to you is,

“How do you learn self development, marketing, and wealth building with all that social noise?”

The Holistic Entrepreneur

What if I had nothing to sell but access to training, community, and a place free of distractions.

How did Truth Bomb Marketing get started? By the way… I totally messed up when I did this video… and I left that in… so you can see how real this is.

The problem with marketing is that it takes a singular approach. You are given one piece of the puzzle and told that it is going to be your saving grace!

You’ve heard the hype like…

  • “Your one FB Ad away from six figures”
  • “Only One Video Away from Going Viral!”
  • The only marketing system you need
  • One Click Funnel Away from The 2 Comma Club
  • Landing Pages To Make You Profit
  • Lead Magnets for More Leads
  • Get Paid While You Sleep (my favorite by the way)

While these statement are true, they are true only if you understand the holistic approach to marketing. How to simplify your message and amplify it to the masses. What you are being sold is a tool. But if you don’t know how to use the tool to grow your business, you are just standing there with a hammer in your hand wondering what to do next.

What Truth Bomb Marketing Is…

It’s the holistic approach to being a solo entrepreneur that is trying to do it all on your own. If you are feeling burnt out and overwhelmed it’s through no fault of your own. Great marketing was at play.

So how do you get in that marketing game? The game where automation and play do all the heavy lifting for you. How do you learn to get your time freedom back?

Inside Truth Bomb Marketing we created a playground of fun around

  • Personal Development – What is it? What should you be doing? Reading? Writing? Saying?
  • Digital Marketing – How to create your digital hub so that you can automate and play!
  • Wealth Building – Once you start earning how do you keep it growing on automation?

These three topics are the heart of Truth Bomb Marketing.

It’s time to stop leaving out critical ingredients as a solo entrepreneur and embrace the Truth Bomb around self development, marketing, and financial education.

Marketing is the amplification of your message. Your message is you and your personal development. Your legacy is how well you control your financial education and where you get it from.

I’m bringing the experts and the trainers to you. I’ve put together the first every community of solo entrepreneurs that learn together and play together. Come join us on the playground.

Now is the time. You are reading this because you are in the right place and you are ready to join the movement. Become a member of Truth Bomb Marketing for only $99.99/month

I look forward to seeing you on the playground!

Yours in Gratitude,

Chef Katrina

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    2 replies to "What is Truth Bomb Marketing"

    • I absolutely love this community. The marketing skills that Chef Katrina is teaching and bringing other trainers in to teach about are not taught elsewhere like this. I love the training and the opportunity to take action on what we are learning in an environment to get honest feedback. Thank you for having the gumption to do something different and have food fights, fun, build relationships and build out businesses all in one community without the distractions that other platforms have.

      • Katrina

        It’s tough to find yourself in all the noise of digital media. So having a safe place to learn and implement distraction free is priceless. I love that you are a member of Truth Bomb Marketing and thank you for participating in the food fights! ~Chef Katrina

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