What is Magnetic Sponsoring?

What is Magnetic SponsoringIf you are a home base business owner and haven’t heard of magnetic sponsoring, you’re not alone.

Like many of us in the network marketing industry our #1 concern is filling the funnel. We are constantly looking for leads and people to talk to. If we don’t share with someone new daily, there is a good chance that our business is suffering.

So how would you like to shut off the pain of buying leads and learn how to attract leads to your business and opportunity for free?

Like you I was a bit skeptical about this. Even after getting my hands on Magnetic Sponsoring I still struggled on how to pull it all together. How does promoting another product or service help in building a MLM business? This is the question that many asked and few got answers to.

So today I am am going to clear the air for you. If you are already an affiliate of the Magnetic Sponsoring system or this is your first time hearing about it let me share with you how it works.

Magnetic Sponsoring in Action

So as you can see from the video the power of Magnetic Sponsoring isn’t in the product itself, it’s the ability to give you tools to share and create a leadership authority status.

People are always looking to get into network marketing and the first thing most of them do is turn to the internet to harness the power of leverage. They want to use social media and blogging to build a bigger following.

Most of the time they’re hungry for information. They want to learn how to generate more leads, be a top recruiter, and master the art of closing the deal!

This thirst for knowledge has created a demand. And this demand is one that you can help fill by sharing and promoting the Magnetic Sponsoring products. People are paying you to be prospected. You’re already talking to network marketers. They already understand that this is going to take some work.

These same network marketers are also looking for leadership. Who doesn’t want to be on a winning team. But those teams are created through empowerment and helping people achieve success.

Even if they are with another MLM now doesn’t mean that they won’t change companies. About 20% will never leave their company, 20% will change companies, and 60% are looking for an opportunity.

Magnetic Sponsoring allows you to get out in front of more people and do it in such a way that it isn’t offensive. Best part… it’s not a hard sell. The prospect still has to sell themselves on the value of this product or service.

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Do you have a lead generation system that you use and can share with us? Comment below.

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    • Vanessa Terrell

      Great info and tips! Thanks!

      • Katrina

        My pleasure. Thank you for taking time to read today’s post and comment. Truly appreciate it.

    • Jewel Williams

      You have really opened my eyes to magnetic sponsoring. I am a blogger at this time, but this is something that I have had a question about and you have enlightened me to a greater understanding. Thank you!

      • Katrina

        Always a pleasure to share what is working in the network marketing industry. Training is so important and this is the best! If you have any other questions please let me know.

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