What is Blogging Ingredients?

Blogging IngredientsBlogging Ingredients is an interactive blogging course. Back when I first got started blogging I was following some of the top leaders in the blogging industry. My biggest struggle was not having a person to talk with about the bumps I hit in the training.

I bought a few blogging course and continue to follow top bloggers and find out what plugins, themes, and other things they are using to build their blog and their following. But what I really wanted in a blogging course was a live person. I didn’t want just a forum or email. I wanted the opportunity to ask questions to a real person.

I am the type of person that learns by seeing things in action. Describing them doesn’t always help me understand what I must do. And sometimes I just need to be told what module I need to go to to find what I am looking for. This way I don’t feel like I am wasting my time.

So that is how I came up with Blogging Ingredients. I wanted to do a video training course that offered continual support. I wanted to make sure that those that came through the Blogging Ingredients training also had a place to ask questions and hangout with me.

I also realized that in today’s world where we expect everything now, sitting through more than 5 minutes worth of training was annoying. So all the training focuses on one ingredient on blogging at a time. Almost all the modules have 5 minute video training. It really is about taking bite size pieces. This also helps because now you don’t have to sit through 30-40 minutes of training trying to find that one piece of information you were searching for.

Years of being a professional Chef and creating recipes has taught me how to keep things simple and moving. Action is the biggest part of blogging. So just getting those that go through the course to take action is what I strive for. I want to create 5,000 successful bloggers this year in 2014.

With technology now a days it is so much easy to create engagement and training. The advantages of Blogging Ingredients is that it is set up for the beginner to the intermediate blogger.

The secrete ingredients to blogging.

I don’t just give you technology and tell you to figure it out. I teach you how to build your brand and your social community. Blogging is about building your authority status.

In Blogging Ingredients you also get exposure to social media training. You learn the secrets to posting with purpose and how to drive traffic to your blog, which means more leads, more customers, and more sales.

I invested over $4,000 into my education last year in 2013. I hired coaches and attended live events where others were teaching pieces of social media. Now I have tied that all together for you. I give you a very comprehensive blogging course with continual support.

As the rules of social media change so does Blogging Ingredients. Our goal is to always keep you up to date and in compliance with new rules and training. Blogging is about growing and learning. I invite you to check out my free Blogging Webinar. This is an introduction on the power of blogging and how you can get your hands on this amazing course. Here are some testimonials from current students.


Thank you Chef Katrina for getting my Blogging strategy back on track. I have been Blogging off and on now for a handful of years but never had a clear plan of action until I started working with the Blogging Ingredients Course. Chef Katrina’s video training is quick, easy and hassle free to follow and learn from. Beginner or experienced you will find yourself asking : “Why didn’t I work with this program sooner!
Jeff Beeman
Your Ebay Marketing Coach

These are just a few of the testimonials that I have received so far. As you can see it benefits both those beginning and those that have been blogging for sometime but just didn’t understand how to drive traffic and monetize.

There really is a recipe to creating a successful blog and that is what I teach.

Disclaimer: Blogging is about the short term investment for the long term reward. By this, I mean that you will not typically see results in the first 30 days. Building your authority takes time and consistency. If you are willing to invest both, then this time next year your business will have doubled or done even better than that. People want to trust you but first they have to see that you are consistent with your message.

Why Blogging Ingredients?

There are only 2 reasons that people go online.
1. Entertainment
2. Education/reviews

Blogging allows you to get in front of your audience. This is an extremely powerful tool and I invite you to have fun as you build YOU, Inc!

What Does Blogging Ingredients Continual Support Look Like?

  • Private FB group for students going through this coures
  • Live weekly hangouts where you get to ask questions with Chef Katrina for 1 hour. (There always seems to be some bonus training that goes on during these hangouts!) 🙂
  • Syndication – Helping you build your following

This course really is about being there for you. I look forward to having you join our blogging family.

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